Your Quests – Out West

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Your Quests - Out WestYour Quests – Out West is the latest Point’n’Click Adventure game created by Self Defiant at Melting-Mindz. “Your Quests, where the adventure is yours! This adventure takes you to a western town in search of gold.” If you are a SSSG series lover, check this new game out! Have fun!

Update: Your Quests – Out West walkthrough in comment #109 (thanks Shmackles!)

By Eric

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171 Comments to Your Quests – Out West

  1. shaz says:

    im here was just on wogger ty again ur my hero always here to help me :-)

  2. shaz says:

    thats where that book is right cant see the hole

  3. shaz says:

    ok i found it wooo hoooo

  4. shaz says:

    i pulled levers all 3 bars went now wat nothing is happening

  5. shaz says:

    duhhhhhhhhhhhh forgot to move forward lmao.ty ace so much for all your help.

  6. losann says:

    How I get the Tnt?

  7. awsomeness says:

    plz help i dont know how to use the stuff that i pick up

  8. Ace32 says:

    TNT is down right part of cave. refer to the walkthrough and it should help you out.

  9. Shmackles says:



    sorry if anything is missing or wrong

  10. shaz says:

    awsomeness click on items make sure it shows in box then close then use item

  11. Snickel says:

    how do you rub the ground to get the buckle?

  12. acreation says:

    get the music cylinder from the piano and crank (I can’t remember where I got it), put them both on the victrola in the upstairs bedroom, click the crank and listen to the four notes to get tune to play on the piano

  13. acreation says:

    guess i’m a day late and a dollar short

  14. tia says:

    how do i get the tnt???

  15. sosososon says:

    i cant get the belt buckle….any ideas?

  16. Stuck says:

    Argggg!! can’t get TNT….try to click cupboard many times

  17. Danny says:

    how do i get te buckle ??? i cant move the sand!~!

  18. DAvid says:

    how do I use the items?

  19. mer says:

    what is the combination for the safe??

  20. payton says:

    ok i need help.

    What do you feed the bird asking for food? and how do you get it?

  21. payton says:



  22. payton says:

    oh sorry danny! this is what u do,


  23. Nick says:

    Put the rope around the cart, went back, it broke, but still cant get any TNT. The cart is still in the wasy

  24. jess says:

    exactly HOW do you get the metals into the pot? thanks!

  25. matt says:

    to put the metals in the pot, u first need to grind them in the blacksmith, after u have the three metal dusts, open the inventory and click on one of them, then click on the pot.

    I had the same problem with finding the buckle.. i’ll give u another example of where it is….

    on the left side of the trail, there is what seems to be a rock or a small sand dune…
    BELOW the sand dune… ALMOST TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN… click on the sand and drag it to the right.
    The sand that covers the belt buckle is on a flat surface.

    sorry about the caps, just wanted to emphasize the things that i didnt know when i was looking for it

  26. Avi says:

    i cant play the same keys on the piano any help wit that?

  27. Andres says:

    How do I open the bank door?!?!

  28. needhelp says:

    the cart is still in the way cant get tnt….

  29. Nicolive says:

    Hey… errr anyone know how to get the rope? I’ve tried clicking them in order… but there even If I do youse the code for it there are only 4 dark brown bars… and isn’t the code 5 numbers long? T.T someone help me T.T

  30. Stephanie says:

    treat the boards like keys, use the code numbers as the keys (1,2,3,4)

  31. Stephanie says:

    Ok, i’ve got the magnets and filled the holes but cannot seem to find any secret place or levers

  32. minnie says:

    i cant find the flippin belt buckle. i think the games broken haha helpp?

  33. xxxtazmanxxxx says:

    GRRRRRRRRRR I cannot click and drag the barrel at the bar like it says to do and it’s pissing me off can anyone help tell me what I am doing wrong and also how do you restart the stupid game?

  34. HELP ME! says:

    does any one have a walkthrough… if not can you help me?
    this is what i have so far…

    i unlocked the door in the saloon
    i got the cracker to the bird
    i got the key from the piano.. (i dont know what its for)
    i saw the letter in the mailboxes at the postoffice,
    now waht?

    these are the ITEMS i have..:
    :matches: :silver pen: :crucible: :metal bar: :pencil: and :bucket:

    where are the golden sands and stuff.. and where is the “store?”
    help! please!

  35. HELP ME! says:

    i made the same mistake you made
    the code is in ORDER of the blocks…

    so you click the 2nd dark one
    than click the 4th dark one
    than click the 2nd dark one
    than click the 1st dark one
    than click the 4th dark one..

    where do you put the TNT?

  36. HELP ME! says:


  37. xoxvmaxox says:

    here… i cant get the cart to move for the tnt :( na help??

  38. confuzzled says:

    =( can’t get the TNT.. please help =(?

  39. kadge says:

    when i try to put the crucible and grinded metel in the key mold it wont go in how do u make it go in ?

  40. Roddy says:

    how do i get the belt buckle, i tried looking for some rock, but i get nothing. someone please help me out

  41. Roddy says:

    got the buckle, thanks, now how do i fix the rope,

  42. Roddy says:

    what do i do afer the rope breaks???

  43. kadge says:

    how do u get the bank safe open ?

  44. anna wilson says:

    What do you mean with the bar above the window in the bank ? :S

  45. game loser! says:

    i cant get to melt the key i put the silver powder and the brass powder in the pan thingy and it still wont cook please help me!

  46. kIERRA says:

    omg this game is frustratin me how in the world do you get the belt buckle i tried and tried to move the sand and it wont budge!!! sum wun pleease help me!!!

  47. hannah says:

    HELLP… i don’t know how you use the items

  48. michelle says:

    To get the TNT after the rope has broken

  49. Cutie_Roxie says:


  50. Cutie_Roxie says:

    can anyone tell me the code for the safe in the bank?