Submachine 5

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Submachine 5Submachine 5Submachine 5 – The Root, the next installment in one of the most popular Room Escape series ever created, is live!

This new episode created by Mateusz Skutnik brings us back to the “very first submachine ever built – historically speaking. It was created by an unknown scientist in the early 20th century. This is the place where it all started.”

Mateusz style is unique and each new episode gains in quality as the developer skills improve: Submachine 5 – The Root is no exception!

Go and retrieve the three “wisdom gems”, lost in the subnet, and don’t forget to look for the secrets hidden in the game.

Have fun!

Edit: Submachine 5 walkthrough in comments #12

By Eric

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  1. mona says:

    i can’t get down —- help!!!

  2. Ben says:

    I beat it, and got all the secrets.
    I’d post a walkthrough, but I really need to sleep.

  3. mona says:

    so far

  4. mona says:

    what doors?

  5. mona says:

    i’m stuck with cipher 2

  6. Marina in WonDerLand says:

    OMG, its hard difficult!

  7. Twilight_Wolf says:

    I’ve got an impression the game is somehow inspired by LOST – I mean character’s starting location looks like Desmond’s bunker and we even got a hatch :D Later you can find a observation room which is like the one the Others used to have in 3rd season of LOST. Maybe it’s coincidence or maybe it’s inspiration – anyway i love it :D

    and I’m stuck with cipher plate 1:P

  8. pOlo says:

    walkthrough: (just copied)

  9. Wilma says:


  10. Twilight_Wolf says:

    the secret ball not mentioned in pOlo’s walkthrought is

  11. Eric says:

    Submachine 5 walkthrough














  12. otacsaf says:

    in my opinion, Mateusz Skutnik should have won the prize for best game developer. Wogger is okay but Submachine and Covert Front far surpass that. This was a great game. If you haven’t tried it got to Mateusz’ website and play Daymare. That one is quite different and interesting.

  13. Reka says:

    Eric: with two cypher plates and two slots (each of which can be empty), there are actually only 7 possible rooms – 00, 01, 10, 02, 20, 12, and 21. You can’t get 11 or 22 because you only have one of each plate, but you can get 00, because that’s just a matter of leaving both slots empty.

    In more mathematical terms, we’re finding the number of permutations of size 2 [slots] from three objects [0, 1, 2], and we’re adding one because one of the objects [0] can be repeated.
    3_P_2 + 1 = 3!/(3-2)! + 1 = 3 x 2 + 1 = 6 + 1 = 7.

    (You were probably thinking of the converse: If you have two types of items and you’re making sequences of length 3, then you get 8 possibilities – e.g. binary numbers 000, 001, 010, 011, 100, 101, 110, 111. That’s 2x2x2, or 2^3. If you have three types of items and you’re making sequences of length 2, then there are 9 possibilities: 3×3 = 3^2 = 9.)

    This moment of mathematical geekery brought to you by the letters “a”, “n”, and “l”. :)

  14. Rae says:

    I totally agree with otacsaf but anyway Yay!!!!!!!!!!! the games finally here now I’m going to go play it.

  15. M says:

    Anyone have any ideas with the second screen in the lab?

  16. Rock Royalty says:

    This was a really cool game! I beat it mostly by myself, but used Eric’s walkthrough when I got stuck. It was confusing to understand the numbers and all the different rooms at first but I think I got the hang of it. Too bad I have to do it all again since I clicked the main menu button by mistake at the end… I’ll post a walkthrough later

  17. Rock Royalty says:

    M: The marks on the wall mean nothing. They don’t affect the game in any way shape or form. However, I did think they were some sort of code at first too. You’re not the only one to be intrigued.

  18. Rae says:

    One of the best games ever!! though I did get somewhat confused over those cypher plate thingies but I sovled it (with Eric’s and pOlo’s help thanks)

  19. brin3m says:

    where did you get 5-5-2

  20. Snowman says:

    Author Notes:
    1 Secret
    Picture: Show

    Description: Show

    2 Secrets
    Picture: Show

    Description: Show

    3 Secrets
    Picture: Show

    Description: Show

    4 Secrets
    Picture: Show

    Description: Show

    5 Secrets

  21. Snowman says:

    Oh, and by the way, I really wish Submachine had gotten best game EVER too!

  22. M says:

    I know. I was able to pass it without that bit of information. I just figured it was some hidden code for a secret room (maybe via portal?)

  23. mr. beer says:

    I agree with Otacsaf… I voted for Mateusz! One of the best games I ever played. When # 6?

  24. habib says:

    ich liebe solche Spiele….

  25. Snowman says:

    …5 Secrets
    Picture: Show

    Description: Show

    Mateusz, Please! Make a Submachine 6 and we will all be very happy!

  26. Brødrister says:

    This is the coolest game I’ve ever played… Pleease, give us more…

  27. Go Submachine! says:

    The submachine series rules. However there are reasons for it not being able to win awards… The same reasons we love it so much for.
    Firstly, it’s too hard for your average hobo to reach past the first 5%.
    Secondly, a large amount of gamers like their plot in one episode. We love the series, but they don’t like waiting (impatient people =/)
    There’s more reasons, but it’d probably be just nitpicking with minor reasons.

    But I WOULD be interested if some hollywood director made a great movie out of it… It’s got the perfect package.

  28. Louise says:

    Thanks Polo, a really clear walkthrough !

  29. tje says:

    it was a grat game love all sub games

  30. Josh says:

    I can’t drop the metal box into the acid.

  31. Josh says:

    nevermind, I’m stupid.

  32. nitrox says:

    wow submachine 5… amazing… i hadnt gone on in a few days and i didnt see sumbachine 5 in the 1st page, then accidentally found it. amazing game cant wait for submachine 6!

  33. thomas says:

    very funny game! nice creation!

  34. nitrox says:

    @ Go Submachine!
    Yeah i know that would be pretty cool if they made it into a movie… though it wouldnt be the same as the game, meaning no other characters, all in mystery… i would love to see it though…

    hey i was playing the game again today and i noticed something very strange… as i was in a part of the game Show

    i heard a noise such as a man screaming which kinda freaked me out. then the sound changed to a radio station going a little in and out of tune talking about some cars and global warming (kinda like the radios in the previous game not much sense in the stations). I turned off the ambience to see if it was from the game and then the sounds stopped… anyone else get somethin like it?

  35. amanda says:

    i want to know where the ladder is after you put the sign’s in and puch the button

  36. tyler says:

    what symbols do u click on the on the wall at the end.

  37. marcus says:

    where are all the secrets??
    can’t find one

  38. Joe says:

    y cant i drop the box in the acid?

  39. Goukakyuu says:

    Say , in the room where you get the wrench , there is a machine…What is it for?

  40. MIKE says:


  41. DannyboyO1 says:

    Following reka’s math, if you had six different ciphers, the number of possible locations is 43. 7×6 +1.

  42. Snowman says:

    MIKE, why?

  43. Snowman says:

    nitrox, no. Are you sure it wasn’t a coincidence?

  44. nitrox says:

    @ Snowman
    i had no other windows open. when i muted my comp, the sound stopped, when i put it up i came on again. maybe it was me, maybe it was a game sound glitch, idk thats why i asked if anyone had the same experience… :-|

  45. mom5 says:

    polo, thanks for the help I found the last secret.


  46. rubs says:

    what is lead casting ? i need to no
    \plz if u no what it is leave a comment

  47. Anonymous says:


    ok i need help.. how many coils are there? and why isnt my brick walla breaking down?!?!?!

  48. Anonymous says:



  49. Anonymous says:

    to rubs: the lead casting is in co ordinates of the root.. i think .. yea just keep pressin thru the tuneels and move ur cursor everywhere till u see a small 3/4 of a circle orange thing.. its one of the first things found