Esklavos – Chapter 12

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Esklavos - Chapter 12Esklavos - Chapter 12Esklavos – Chapter 12 is live! In this new episode of the Esklavos series created by Federico Rutenberg, Ungo and his friend Virop are in trouble today.

Find a way to free Ungo, and prepare yourself for a new chapter very soon: “chapter 12 and chapter 13 are short chapters, so I have decided to work both together. Chapter 13 may be ready in over a week” said the author on his blog”.

“I think that this chapter is short, but not so easy” he added. You’ve been forewarned!

Have fun!

Update: Esklavos 12 walkthrough in comment #27 (thanks iddyboo!)

By Eric

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32 Comments to Esklavos – Chapter 12

  1. ad says:

    stuck with this game. there seems to be some order to the pieces but who knows what?

  2. Fire Storm says:

    First… :-) now what….hmmm let me see

  3. Fire Storm says:

    Totally lost…..haven’t a clue…anyone playing?

  4. ad says:


  5. ad says:


    Now I’m stuck with a key and some stones.

  6. juice says:

    Lol I’m lost too. Just keep clicking and getting words

  7. Jo Mac says:

    got past the gameboard and got the key and some stones then couldn’t work out anything else…

  8. juice says:

    Ok I’ve sort of figured out what to do.

  9. juice says:

    Jo Mac; too clever lol I’m really stuck. Just got some ants

  10. sab says:

    how did u get the ants?

  11. Clara says:

    so far

  12. Clara says:

    anybody figured out the order for the stone table yet?

  13. sab says:

    where can i get the one more piece to balance the forces?

  14. Jo Mac says:

    next piece


    I did the stone table but it was sheer trial and error I’m afraid

  15. Ciria says:

    Finish! …what a weird game…

    For the last piece:

    For the tusk and the worm:

    For the game:

    Hope you understand… and hope it will help!

  16. ellenbtler says:

    have the stones and the key and clicking all over the place. Any hints how to finish? I read what Ungo says at this point, but I can’t figure out if it means anything.

  17. ellenbtler says:

    Oh, got it. Once you have the stones, Show

  18. tiffany says:

    i can`t bet the puzzle someone help

  19. Sam says:

    for the stone game…

  20. Sam says:

    Hope that helps…..Sorry if you don’t understand…Just look at the options and I’m sure you’ll figure out which stones I am referencing :)

  21. Clara says:

    Sam you are a godsend

  22. Sam says:

    You’re welcome :) Just thought I should help all those people that are always so helpful to me :P

  23. iddyboo says:

    This is what I have managed so far can anyone help after that?


  24. Andy says:

    For the board game, I figured out a bunch (if you can understand my nomenclature):

    Later on…Show

  25. Andy says:

    I lost some of my comparitor operators. Here’s the list again.

  26. iddyboo says:

    Walk through

  27. Jackie & Sherry says:

    Sam – I really appreciate the help! It worked perfectly!

  28. angry says:

    damn!! all that trouble for a bad dream?

  29. yay says:

    when you get the stones put the tusk at the last spot throw the stones at the fog and get the bone