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CampaignCampaignCampaign is a Flash game, created by Thump, that combines the game Risk and politics. The map in Campaign is not nearly as big as Risk, but the concept of gaining land and attacking are similar. The object of the game is to beat your opponent before he beats you. There are multiple strategies to beating your opponent, but the easiest way is to attack leader of the party. The leader of the party is one of the current candidates running for president. Players can choose from Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or John Edwards for the Democrat party or Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney or Fred Thompson for the Republican party.

Players can play single or multi-player. In single player you play against the computer and in multi-player you play against other human players. Single player mode has both easy and hard modes. Easy mode is a good place to start for players that have never played the game before or have only played a few times. Hard mode is for more experienced players.

When the game starts, players choose the candidate they would like to play and then three different party members. The party members all have special abilities. There is a spinmeister, hatchet man, fundraiser and an operative to choose from. The spinmeister manipulates words and throws mud, but is able to stay above all of the mud slinging themselves. The spinmeister can attack through obstacles on the map, but the downfall is his attack does not cause that much damage. The hatchet man is a street brawler that has his own means of persuasion. The hatchet man is able to move around obstacles on the map, but is not able to capture much territory. The fundraiser rallies supporters, which keeps cash flowing in. The fundraiser has a large territory capture area, but moves slowly. The operative strikes when it is least expected and is able to cloak their movements. The operative is able to do massive damage, but they do not have a lot of power. The leader of the party has special moves they can do as well.

CampaignAfter you have chosen your party leader and your party members, it is time to play the game. Players are placed on the board and they must start capturing territory. Each player can move all four of their team members before their turn ends. Players can move and claim territory and also attack on the same turn. Players do not need to choose whether they want to claim territory or attack, which is nice. Players claim territory by moving spaces. Each party member claims different amount of territory space when they move. Once all of the spaces in a territory are the color of your party, the territory is claimed as your territory. Players want to gain as much territory as possible because this gives them money at the beginning of each turn. Money is used to do the higher powered attacks by the leader, but also a few of the party members need money for their attacks too. Money is also used to campaign in certain areas and claim unclaimed territory.

Players are not able to claim territory that has already been claimed. In other words if your opponent has already claimed territory you can not move into that territory. Territories have health and they can be attacked. Players attack a territory and when it “dies” the territory becomes unclaimed again. Once the territory is unclaimed, it can be reclaimed by the player or the opponent.

Each party member has health and can be attacked. Killing off the party members gives the opponents less moves to make because they have fewer party members. The fewer the moves the less area the opponent can cover and claim as their own territories. The game is won when the main party leader is killed off.

Campaign is the most in depth Flash game I have ever played, but it is fun as well. If you like games similar in playing style to Risk only with a political overtone, then check out Campaign and Have Fun!

By Jennifer

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  1. bob says:

    first? =]

    well… the candidates are a little out dated
    but so far its a cool game

  2. lewman says:

    good but the link says the site does not have permission to post it