The Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2

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The Fancy Pants Adventure: Wolrd 2The Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2The Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2 is live at Armor Games!

Almost two years after the release of its The Fancy Pants Adventure, Brad Borne returns with a longer and better sequel.

There is not much to say except that this sequel is an absolutely amazing platformer!

Use the arrow key to move, up to enter doors, down ducks, slides or rolls. Hold down while landing to slide forward. Hold jump while stomping a baddie to jump higher. Hold up or down while wall jumping to change your jump.

Don’t wait any longer; go play this game right now!

Have fun!

Version 1.5 is live!

By Eric

current rating 4.30


159 Comments to The Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2

  1. fancy pants jonathan says:

    ok… here goes…

    and here are cool things for fancy pants man to do!

    well, have fun with these!

  2. Immortal-King says:

    I don’t think I can get the Adam Philip’s Trophy on my own. I reacked the lvl already I just can’t climb thos rocks….

  3. Immortal-King says:


  4. ty says:

    I can’t get to the trophy room on level 4 plz help, tis my last piece of the game!!!!!(grr)

  5. nick rossean says:

    i love this game

  6. mickey d says:

    yay!!! i beat the game with all the trophies and all the fancy pants colors!!! if u need help with anything just ask

  7. Earth says:

    Could someone please tell me how to get to this secret room?

  8. bill says:

    where’s the tommy trophy?

  9. fancy pants jonathan says:

    help! help! i don’t need anything! i have everything! help!(snicker)

  10. HELP!!! says:

    How do you find the luis level? (pls include the level it is hidden in too!)

  11. kooshmoose says:

    How do you get the headache achievement?

  12. HMBA says:

    XD beat the game! HELLZ TO THE HIZYEAH!

  13. fancy pants jonathan says:

    the luis level is…

  14. fancy pants jonathan says:

    OMG i found a once in a lifetime bug!

    hope you get this rare bug! it was cool!

  15. *LOZZii3* =D says:

    Hey, can anyone do a full walkthrough for all the secret rooms???????


  16. fancy pants jonathan says:

    here is a challenge from me. try to get the shell in level 3 on the platform with the level 3 exit. i and brad’s cousin did it once. (not together though. i’m not related)


  17. fancy pants jonathan says:

    whoa if you look closly at the hill in level 5, you’ll see part of a dinosaur skeleton(blacked out) eating ice cream! funny…

  18. Ainal says:

    Beat the game
    w/ all the colors&trophys
    butt whats this about a
    secret level?

    If anyone needs help
    just ask, you just have
    to explore a lot in all
    the levels to find the
    trophy rooms. :]

  19. Red Man says:

    How do you beat that dark room

  20. *LOZZii3* =D says:




  21. lio says:

    to slide up walls is really hard it only works if theres slime, you have to jump but the lower you hit the wall in the arc of your jump (like before you land) the easier it is to slide.

    to jump up walls run at the wall holding the direction then jump and dont let the direction button go as you press jump again when he braces himself on the wall.

    hope this helps! ^^

  22. Lauren says:

    what level is the luis level located on? im stuck and i cant find the answer to whch level its on

  23. fancy pants jonathan says:


  24. Fancy T-Shirt?? o.0 says:

    YEASSSS!! i did it! LoL! finally finished everything xD
    thanks for the walkthroughs guys especially Nate and steve and every1 else who contributed help to this message box. wo0t wo0t!

    p/s: whats the headache achievement?
    p/s/s: yknow there are some “rooms” in between some of the levels where you dont do much except try to get through. there arent any spiders, snails or much swirly things there. but u can fall to your death there. i can remember 1 green “room” and 1 other one with alot of moving platforms. any idea what those are for or if there are any special stuff there?
    p/s/s/s: anyone know whats the Hey! room at the start menu there for?

  25. fancy pants jonathan says:

    answers to your questions:
    P.S. answer:Show

    P.S.S. answer:Show

    P.S.S.S. answer:Show

  26. KG says:

    how do i get the effin black pants.. cant get the damn ball in up to the hole

  27. FroMO says:

    How do you get to the bunny????????????????

  28. fancy pants jonathan says:

    finish level 6. his door is there. (DUH!)

  29. hopeless says:

    kk so ive got all the pants and all the trophies but one…
    its that “afro something-or-other” (dont remember the name) but i dont know where to find it! can sum one help please?
    wut level is it on and WHERE?!??!

  30. fancy t-shirt says:

    about the Hey! room, none of the springs there work, or is this just what happens to me?

    thanks lots for the help man

  31. FANCEY MAN says:

    somebody help with trophies PLEEEEZZ oh just go through the game without getting anything theyre not important

  32. Claire says:

    finished it!!!! 1065 points

  33. LR says:

    People seemed to have trouble with this, so here…

    Jump form one wall to the other
    This took me FOREVER to figure out on my own. First, you jump towards the wall while holding the arrow-key in the direction of the wall you’re jumping to. Once you’re on the wall, press jump WITHOUT LETTING GO OF THE ARROW KEY, and quickly switch directions in mid air. If you don’t switch in time, he lets go of the wall.

    Slide up a slippery wall
    Okay, it’s really not that hard. Just run up to a wall, jump while holding the right (right as in “correct”) and up key at the same time, and you should side

    Really hope that helps.

    -LR ^_^

    I hate the afro ninja level.

  34. gsfsdfgsd says:

    how did you get the shell on level three by the exit? it is physically impossible!

  35. luoken says:

    in lvl 3 when ur getting the pants, how do u get to the big area to get the shell in the hole? i tried going up the rope things, but that only led me to the xtra lvl. help!

  36. Andrew says:

    To Sophia & ghghgh to jump up walls Show

  37. luoken says:

    ok sry that was a stupid post u just keep going to get to te big area with the hole…

  38. luoken says:

    on the brown level after the lvl with the spider hideout, what is that candle on the ground for?

  39. FANCEY MAN says:

    has anyone noticed on level 4 in the backround it says SUPER SECRET SPIDERY HIDEOUT?

  40. fancey pancey says:


  41. fancey pancey says:

    yay i found afro ninja door it is Show

    there ya go!

  42. fancey pancey says:

    luoken the candle is there for Show


  43. FANCY SMANSHY says:

    omg afro ninja level sucks…

    can someone write a walkthrough to it? i can barely get past the part with the falling blocks!

  44. FANCY SMANSHY says:

    ok got it. heres everything you need to know about the AFRO-NINJA level:

    to get there-

    to complete the level-

    also, before you go to the afro-ninja level, make sure you have plenty of lives. i died almost 6 times while trying to beat it.


  45. FANCY SMANSHY says:

    hello, again. here’s all the trophys, in case you wanted to know. and i don’t feel like writing a walkthrough for all the doors :) but i guess if you really wanted me to i will tell you how to get there!






    by the way the rest of the sites wouldn’t show up when i clicked on them for some reason, so maybe when they work i will? we’ll see.

  46. FANCY SMANSHY says:

    hola. site for trophy 4

  47. arielle says:

    AH how do you get past the rocks on adam phillip’s level??

  48. xaniakay101 says:

    i cant get past the level with the green that looks like grass. i just die, no matter what i try. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. nicksx says:

    Speed run:
    12 min.s
    189 swirls
    1 death


  50. grasia says:

    grrr… where is the Adam Philips trophy level…