Escape Pear Room

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Escape Pear RoomEscape Pear RoomEscape Pear Room is the latest Room Escape game created by Paul aka Paskapet from Russia.

Rupert is a Christmas Grinch, and his neighbors are tired of putting up with him: “you have a Christmas tradition, you put on your Santa suit, get drunk, and come to our houses. Then you ruin all of our celebrations!

This year, we are making a new tradition. We have locked you in this room and have hidden your Santa suit. This way, we can enjoy our celebrations, your neighbors, Jim, Jen Tori and Abby.”

If you don’t like jigsaw puzzles, this game is definitely not for you!

Have fun!

 Escape Pear Room walkthrough in comment #24 (thanks DNOMN8R!) 

Escape Pear Room video walkthrough!

Check out the new version:

Escape Pear Room 2009!

By Eric

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1,019 Comments to Escape Pear Room

  1. Loes says:

    I did it :D I completed the game :-)
    Hannah you empty your inventory by placing te items back were you’ve found them.

  2. tim says:

    how do ya get rid of the empty boxs

  3. tim says:

    cant get the piece fromthe clock wont work when i click the hatch after ive set the time

  4. variableyellow says:

    I looked through the walk through and it didn’t mention the piece in the stocking with the dog, you have to hit it with the spade and it spits the piece out

    I am still missing 4 pieces though!

  5. variableyellow says:

    also there is a 3rd piece in the picture and the second ski pole, you have to go through the arch on the left hand side of the picture to a secret area of the picture

  6. eve says:

    how do I get the piece from the dog’s mouth??????

  7. coffeehousemt says:

    The version I’m playing seems to be a bit newer and different than the one in all the walkthroughs. The walkthroughs never mention the dog (which has just come up–you have to decapitate him, well, sort of, with the fireplace shovel.) I’m also having trouble getting the piece out of the drawer in the front. I assume I have to jam it with something, but I can’t figure out what. No mention of that. Also, my ski poles were not next to the skis. One was hidden in the painting. AND I’m missing five pieces that I can’t account for, and I have EVERY piece in EVERY walkthrough.

    I’m pissed.

  8. Eric says:

    @ coffeehouseemt and all – Escape Pear Room and Escape Pear Room 2009 and slightly different games. In case you play Pear Room 2009, check out this post!

  9. jowii says:

    that took me 2.5 hrs plus heavy consultation of this board…GOOD GOD!!!!

  10. Joanna says:

    I solved he puzzles, opened the safe, got money and the suit and belt and hat and mittens. Took skies and poles and I can’t get out. Where do I click? please halp me!

  11. koolkid says:


  12. koolkid says:

    got it it went


  13. koolkid says:

    Finally after 1 hole day i’ve completed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    don’t waste time completeing this and get a life!

  14. Christopher says:

    Really hard this game, but it is possible. The walkthroughs are correct however I did have issues with solving the puzzle. I had to deconstuct the puzzle and reconstruct it then you get flowers across the screen to say the puzzle is complete.

  15. Courtney says:

    This game is pointless and a waste of time but i can’t stop. My friend and i have been sitting here for 2 hours and we are having serious problems. The button dosn’t work!!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. BOB says:

    How do you chop the last part of the tree off?

  17. CAZ says:

    new 2009 version i have got 5 pieces left to find been through all walkthroughs. cant get piece out of single drawer by the door so 4 others not known. found the third piece in picture with other pole and hit dog in stocking with shovel which are all new things NOT in 2008 walkthroughs.HELP NEEDED.

  18. Vona says:

    try escape from ecru room much harder much more stupidity

  19. GentsBabe says:

    A lot of people who have some sort of hearing impairment were having problems with this game. I’ve read a few comments from people who are deaf and were ticked because they played half the game and found out they couldn’t finish because you have to listen to bells. I would like to tell you that this game IS possible for you to completely finish – even if you are completely deaf!!! All you need is a program called Audacity. It’s FREE! and can be found here. It’s 2.13MB, a little large, but you can always un-install it later. With this program, you don’t need to HEAR the sounds… you can SEE them! Just open the program and click Record while clicking each of the bells in turn. Wait a few seconds before clicking the Pause button. Now you can see the notes. What I did then was copy those into Paintbrush. I left Paint visible so I could see it and Audacity. The last note in Audacity is the first note you need to hit for your Simon Says game. Match it with the ones you copied to Paint to figure out which bell it is. Unpause Audacity and click the bell you need. Wait a few seconds and Pause Audacity. The last 2 notes are the next in the Simon Says sequence. Match them with Paint. Keep doing this until you have all the notes figured out. There’s 1 bell, a set of 2 bells, a set of 3 bells, a set of 4 bells and a set of 5 bells. When you have it done, a key falls. It’ll land on the doorstep.
    NOTE! the sequence of the bells do NOT ever repeat!!! They do stay the same sequence within the game, but they WILL CHANGE IF YOU START THE GAME OVER!!!

    About Zooming:
    These are the versions I currently have and it works on ALL of them.
    In Firefox [version]: click your RIGHT mouse button and select Zoom In.
    In Netscape []: click your RIGHT mouse button and select Zoom In.
    In Internet Explorer [6.0.2900.2180]: click your RIGHT mouse button and select Zoom In.

    Now for my walk through. This is a FULL AND COMPLETE WALK THROUGH!! It lists EXACTLY where to find EVERYTHING – including ALL the Puzzle Pieces [there’s 44 of them] and other items that were never mentioned in this site. Apparently, you don’t have to even find them, but since I love puzzles, I did.

    Fireplace Room:


    Front Door:


    Tree Room:

    Fireplace Room:


    Tree Room:

    Front Door:


    Tree Room:

    Fireplace Room:


    Tree Room:

    Front Door:

    Fireplace Room:

    Front Door:

    Fireplace Room:


    Tree Room:

    Front Door:

    Recap of where ALL the puzzle pieces are:
    Fireplace Room:


    Front Door:

    Tree Room:

    • missyangel says:

      still missing one puzzle piece and not finding a lot of those in places that you mentioned…. apparently by now there´s more than 2 versions of this game…. because none of the walkthroughs match….

  20. name says:

    ………………..i dont know d rest so help!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Wentz says:

    please give me all the bell notes starting from 1234 (may vary to others.) thanks to all who answered.

  22. Wentz says:

    this games sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Wentz says:

    How to chop the tree Show

  24. Brooklyn says:

    where is the lighter?

  25. boo !! says:

    i just realised there is a piece of jigsaw under the 2nd mattress but …. i cant seem to gett it . you have to push up all the things on the bed before you can get it …. it is hard

  26. renske says:

    I click on the dog with the dust pan all the time.
    But I can’t get any puzzle piece…

  27. Me says:

    how do you get rid of the black belt???? shivers i need HELPP!!

  28. Johnster203 says:

    Here’s my bell sequence, hope it helps, and I hate those ruddy bells too.


  29. becky says:

    how do you get rid of the candle off the tree? i have the light to burn them but i dont no how??

  30. lexy says:

    how do i pick up the pail?

  31. lexy says:

    u get the candle click on it twice in ur invetory and get the lighter click on the top of the string and its lit and gone and do the rest of the candles the same way

  32. Maik says:

    Here is my Bell Code:

  33. faz says:

    im still missing one piece and cant get the cose any one help?

    i have been at it 2 days and its doing my head in

  34. Maiken says:

    wtf is the pail?

  35. Heather says:

    Okay …just finished this annoying game!!! Hooray…here’s the sequence.

    You finally did it! Hope this helped all you people addicted to solving this game!!

  36. Bill says:

    I clicked on the calendar and used the poker to click it. It won’t work.

  37. bee says:

    here is my bell code if it starts with 2

    what i did is just get a paper and pen and jot down one by one :0 good luck all

  38. chris says:

    where can I find a dust pan.

  39. Novixi says:

    my bellcode


  40. emilee says:

    iv spent 3 FREAKIN hours on this game how do u do it?

  41. lisette says:

    my music was


    good luck

  42. Hello says:

    Where is the dustpan??

  43. alpha says:

    I think there are different games in different sites…cause many things you all said dont work with me….I dont have a dresser to find a piece…I cant click on the dog for the piece…I click between the fireplace and fireplace tools.and nothing happens…and I have only one piece missing O__O

  44. ama says:

    the bells ,,

  45. happy holidays. says:

    im missing one puzzle piece…
    ive been through (just about) every walkthrough…
    T_T enternal tears of pain

  46. christine says:

    hi everyone i wold like to teel you that i finish the game ,i dont speak english , just romain but i know something english…..the game it is easly
    colect the pice of puzzel , make the puzzel make the song of the rings, chop the three and get the costum and you must take the decoartions off and put them in the bag and then chop the three and take the costum and ……………………………ho need really help ask for mi adress

  47. christine says:

    how i can take the puzzle of the dogs mouth i try but i cant open the window

  48. eeltje says:

    nooob game all pieces but last one
    seriously, all your walkthroughs didn’t fit with my version? the stupid calendar didn’t do it,
    and the dog had no piece? and wtf do you mean with the poke? well, however, I was proud because I found most things that did work out myself, except for one last jigsaw piece. have fun everyone who is still playing it, but I give up.

  49. Coloo says:

    Ug which bel is 1. Peeps have given me like 6 bel codes which is rite I tried like 4 of them and they didn’t work how did you guys figure out ur codes?

  50. Gabbz says:

    fun but hard

    bells … the only way i could do it was by listening and writting it down as i went….
    took me like a million trys