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IcescapeIcescapeIcescape is a brand new Room Escape game created by Psionic from UK.

“Something terrifying is lurking in the dark at the arctic research station, people have gone missing and there’s blood everywhere! Get out fast!”

Very atmospheric and scary, Icescape is a timed Room Escape game that comes with very good graphics.

Be warned though, you can die in Icescape, and the game contains adult language, blood and gore!

Have fun!

WARNING: PG 13. Not suitable for children!

Icescape walkthrough (thanks Reka!)

By Eric

current rating 3.75


289 Comments to Icescape

  1. Stockers says:

    Aha! Done the safe thing and found the green fuse and the gun! Woop woop!

  2. Johnyboy says:

    Are you meant to try and put one of these fuses into the missing fuse bit in the box? Cos this circuit just wont complete!??

  3. Gubbo says:

    I have got all the items and have done the fusebox. I know the login=Ozzy and pass=3DGR but i cannot turn the laptop on or use it.
    Can someone help please!

  4. jonny boy says:

    well if you memorize what ones go first then you can just look at the bottom

  5. Stockers says:

    Completed! Not under 5 mins but I’ve finally done! Show

  6. Stockers says:

    Gubbo – Show

  7. Tzambissamo says:

    I can’t find the stupid fuse box key. I had it!!! The first time round!!! But I have no idea from where!!! Help please…

  8. Stockers says:

    Tzambissamo – The key is on the hook to the left of the generator.

  9. Tzambissamo says:

    *slaps head*

    Cheers Stockers :-D

  10. jonny boy says:

    who wants help i’ve finished it and got all the ticks

  11. Itry says:

    My walk with mints missing,












  12. jonny boy says:

    put the two pointing things in the top right so they are touching each othe

  13. jonny boy says:

    i was looking at page one lol i was getting a bit confused

  14. Tzambissamo says:

    lol ending :) Great game, I really liked the puzzles.

  15. jonny boy says:

    we do not come in peace!! BANG!

  16. TURKEY says:

    finishhhhhhhhn nice game

  17. Ruaridh says:

    AHHHHHH how do the blue circuits work? i have it so they are all touching, the two in the top right are meant to be joined yeah?
    but it just DOESN’T work. I tried the person’s method above but that doesn’t work either.. =/

  18. Tom says:

    Okay help on the blue circuit (I spent ages finding this out)


  19. Tom says:

    I have completed every challenge in this game except for the pies. Anyone able to help?

  20. Reka says:

    I did manage to eat all the pies one time, but I don’t remember where they all were. (And of course, in that particular game, I managed to miss one of the mints.)

    Does anything different happen if you do manage to complete all the challenges?

  21. Princess says:

    I managed to get everything but didn’t complete in 5 minutes lol…

    Anyways, that was a really good game. Wish it went longer though but awesome!

  22. Princess says:

    Well i accomplished everything and nothing happens lol

  23. Reka says:

    Complete walkthrough, including all items. The ‘under 5 minutes’ part is still up to you, though. :)

    1. Bedroom: Show

    2. Kitchen: Show

    3. Stairwell: Show

    4. Hallway/secret room: Show

    5. Sewer: Show

    6. Computer room etc.: Show

    7. Communications room: Show

  24. Isis says:

    I click on the box but i didn’t found blue fuse
    please, help me

  25. tolly says:

    it’s a great game! I am out putting a hole on alien’s head :)

  26. Ryan says:

    I cant even find the screwdriver to open the vent. HELP!?

  27. jewels* says:

    Is it just me or is opening the safe impossible??? I’m on a laptop and get I heck get the numbers to match – some of them don’t even exist! Is it easier with a mouse?

  28. jewels* says:

    Got out! LOL – needed to use a few hints. The safe thing was the hardest. Didn’t get all mints – think I missed a couple in the kitchen – also not all clothes. Got gloves, hat and coat – what did I miss?

  29. Reka says:

    jewels*, there’s only the three items of clothing – maybe you *thought* you got one of them, but that was actually a previous game?

    And yes, the safe is slightly easier with a mouse. Emphasis on the “slightly”, though.

  30. Dane says:

    Never completed any of these on one try but this one was actually really fun. For the safe Show

  31. RPM says:



  32. Neil says:

    how do you do the green fuse in the fuse box? Nichole’s method dont work!

  33. Swartz14 says:

    how do i get the blue fuse?

  34. Reka says:

    Dane, what’s the third time for the key? You can flip the generator switch just fine without a key…

  35. RPM says:

    you need to find all the fuses, when you zoom in to the fuse box, the ones you have are shown in their place

    Green Fuse

  36. RPM says:


    Please use spoilers when giving out hints, use the preview button if you’re having troubles with using the spoilers

    Edit: spoiler tags added! 

  37. Marieke says:

    After you finished the two games (fuses and pipes), don’t forget to pull the lever in the same room!

  38. scott ford says:

    i finished it all

  39. Franc says:

    i cant put the batteries on the wires in the second room after cutting the red one i cant cut others, am i doing something wrong?

  40. Chewy says:

    yeh finished this first time just didn’t find the secret room and get all the mints..
    il post a full walkthrough once i get through the whole thing 100% complete..

  41. webster says:

    i cant flip the genertator switch !!!!

  42. GaNgStA gUy says:

    i cant find out how to beat the mini-game where u have to align the circuts.they are already aligned.Please tell me what is wrong,or if i am forgetting something.please help!.!.!.!.!.!

  43. ashley says:

    i finished the game in 3:32 seconds hehehe…

  44. BubbaJake says:

    I found the gun mints, pies, gloves, batteries, screwdriver& wire cutters. Cut the wires to the other door to open it. Then I died. What did I do wrong?

  45. Rachel says:

    okay, I can handle blood and gore and stuff, but the thing that I am scared of is that when I am playing, some scary thing will happen and it will freak me out for the rest of the day.
    So tell me,
    any scary parts?

  46. Rachel says:

    and by scary, I mainly mean shocking

    • conconer says:

      at the end when u go into the communication room door the alien will apear right in front of u

  47. I keep getting the genrator on but for some reason the password on the computer wont work! It’s driving me crazy, i keep entering in OZZY and then 3DGR, why wont it work!

    • conconer says:

      its weird but i found out something: if u right click the door and click on “play” it will let u enter the passcode without even turning the generator on and the password works so try it

  48. Aly says:

    complete walkthrough

  49. Somekindaproblem says:

    tell me, what alien does speak at ending?

  50. Rick says:

    hey guys thanks for all the tips , my score was 668 the only thing i didnt do was complete in 5 minutes, Show