2007 Top 10 Developers in the category Room Escape games

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Here at FreeGamesNews, we love free browser-based games. The end of the year is coming soon, and it’s time for YOU to cast your vote for the Best Developers of the year in our first annual FreeGamesNews Awards.

Here are the 10 nominees in the category Best Room Escape games Developers of 2007, in alphabetical order:

John Feltham (U.K.)

Prism CoreJohn Feltham is a Flash developer from UK. His first two games, Sphere Core and Cube Core were released last October, followed by last month’s Prism Core. His Core series is growing in popularity and was well received by many gamers.

Pierre Gauthier (France)

MuselockPierre Gauthier is a French Flash developer who released Muselock, his first Room Escape game, last summer. The author provided both French and English versions of a very nice-looking and creative game, and we are looking forward to his next game.

Gump (Japan)

Guest HouseGump is a Flash game designer from Japan. He is the creator of Terminal House, Rental House and Guest House. All three games were released this year and each installment is better than the last.

Idac (Japan)

The Shochu BarIdac is a Japanese Web design and software development company. They have released numerous excellent Room Escape games over the past two years. With titles like The White Day, The Scrapper, Vision Museum, The Shochu Bar, Strawberry Tomato and Nigepico 1.2, IDAC is a serious contender for the award! Their latest installment, Bon Voyage, was released yesterday…

Mofuya (Japan)

Another RoomMofuya is a Japanese Flash developer and the creator of several Room Escape games such as Mobai Room, Swan’s Room and Quaint Room. He released two new Escape games this year, Another Room and Mobai Room 2.

Noaki Nakashima (Japan)

Dona Room 3Noaki Nakashima is a Room Escape games developer from Japan, famous for his popular Dona Room series. The author released new Room Escape games this year, Unfair Note and Dona Room 3 – Bath Escape. Unfortunately, most of his games are only available in Japanese.

Neutral (Japan)

RGBNeutral is a Japanese Flash Escape games developer: he has produced two challenging and very polished Room Escape games in 2007, Sphere and RGB. Neutral is now working on his next Room Escape game that should be released in the first half of 2008. Keep an eye on his work and in the meantime, enjoy his latest mini-game, Christmas Escape!

Paskapet (Russia)

Escape Orange RoomPaskapet is a very prolific Flash game developer from Russia, who has released six Room Escape games in the last eight months! After the release of Escape Library, Paskapet made five games in the “Colored Rooms” series, Escape Pink Room, Magenta Room, Green Room, Orange Room and Turquoise Room.

Rodrigo Roesler (Brazil)

Trapped - The White RabbitRodrigo Roesler is a Web designer and a Flash game developer from Brazil. He released Trapped – The White Rabbit last September, the first installment of a very promising trilogy of Point’n’Click adventure and Escape games. The second installment, The Dark, is due before the end of December…

Shawn Tanner (U.S.A.)

Escape the PhoneboothShawn Tanner is the author of several popular flash games and the Webmaster of Afro-Ninja Productions. Shawn released three Room Escape games this year in his very popular Escape series: Escape the Car, Escape the Closet and Escape the Phone Booth.


8 Comments to 2007 Top 10 Developers in the category Room Escape games

  1. Ben says:

    Hm, tough call. IDAC does very pretty work, but does the difficulty of the game lessen the experience?

    Nah. I’ll go with IDAC.

  2. m says:


  3. tatjana says:

    IDACis the one and only.

  4. Jess says:

    Neutral does it for me.
    Clean graphics and good puzzles.

  5. Ralf says:

    idac and neutral, of course))

  6. Kalaldeh says:

    Neutral 100%

  7. idh says:

    Neutral :)
    But what about Mateusz Skutnik and Submachine?

  8. H says:

    Pastel Games (ie: Mateusz Skutnik) should be on this list!

    Daymare Town, Aurora, etc.. These escape games are so beautiful