Kotorinosu – The Treasure

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The Treasure Game

The Treasure is a very clean room escape game from Kotorinosu. Every object in the room is neatly placed, one thing to do here is to find a way to escape the room.

Have fun!

By Jan

current rating 4.56


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  1. osmodiar says:

    The Treasure Walkthrough
    This is a very long game with multiple rooms and a lot that doesn’t become clear until much later, so to save time and reduce spoilers I will point out what’s relevant as we go. The game has built in hints that are varying degrees of helpful. Your inventory slides sideways as you get new items, if they are done they will disappear but it’s a good idea to try to pick things up again after you use them. If there’s more than one way in to a room there’s always a reason. I relied on both in-game hints and video walkthroughs, there wasn’t much in the way of text hints so I thought I’d put one together. It’s helpful to have the sound on as you usually get only audio feedback if you have done something correctly. There are several points in the game where you have to see the clue first before you can take action.