The Bar

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The BarThe BarCreated by IDAC, the Japanese authors of Il Destino, Il Destino R and The Privacy, The Bar is another stylish Room Escape game in which you will have again to collect various objects from around the bar and use them in creative ways.

Use your mouse to examine areas or pick objects up. Click on the “About items” button to examine something you’re carrying and try to combine objects in some way.

Released last February, The Bar is an interesting but hard Room Escape game with some challenging puzzles and amazing realistic-looking 3D views.

Have fun!

Update: walkthrough in comment #3.

By Eric

current rating 4.09


121 Comments to The Bar

  1. sarah says:

    w0w! nice game! i already finished the game! the ending was sooooo sad! huhuhu!

  2. People just dont know how to explain things!!!



    Hope that helps! :)

  3. AceBaby says:

    How do you make the daiquiris? it wont work for me

  4. grrrr says:

    I can’t get the part where you get the ring from the opener to work i’ve clicked everywhere on that thing even on it’s picture and on the writing.

  5. lynn says:

    my ice cube hasn’t melted HELP!!!!!!!!!

  6. stupid love says:

    i had finished the game 4 times to c all the ending all are sad and the guy still is alone searching for her love

  7. kitty kat says:

    where is the stupid wine bottle and briefcase

  8. danocabana says:

    i finish it

  9. danocabana says:

    who needs help?

  10. danocabana says:

    how to ge the wine and the brief case, ( ill try to do my best explaing it) got to he main countertop. ull be looking above, and ull see 3 chairs and two lights. click the left arrow 1 time. and zoom when u see a cabinet on the right u can see a half of a cabinet, on back of it click on it, ull se whine behind i t theres the brief case

  11. nanagal says:

    to question 31:if you mixed the darquirri and he says you made a super cold or wateva daqiri click onit again and it says he feels like reading the book papa

  12. huh???? says:

    ermmmm where is ice chest??

  13. huh???? says:

    waiit nvm found it ^__^”

  14. logmann says:

    does anyone know where the briefcase is????

  15. logmann says:

    nvm i found it

  16. logmann says:

    it wont let me do anything with phone and where is the coaster

  17. logmann says:

    it wont let me open the metal box

  18. alfie says:

    How do i type the code of the cell phone, it didnt work

  19. Maria says:

    It was a really nice game, though I thought the ending was sad…

  20. ashley says:

    the icee wont melt and the gotskill card isnt workinnng

  21. Tasha says:

    Can anyone help with the ice cube? i can’t get it to work! :(