Locked Room 2

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locked room 2

The newest game in the Locked Room series from Nekonote is here. Search for clues and find a way to escape this comfortable room.

Have fun!

Also available on Android.

By Jan

current rating 3.25


2 Comments to Locked Room 2

  1. Sol says:

    Actually still have to play this (it looks good!) and only came here to comment that I’m surprised and happy to see the page is getting updated again!
    Years ago, this used to be my favourite place to find new escape the room games, small adventure games and puzzlers. Then at some point it stopped updating, sadly.
    But so cool to see it back in action! Maybe I’ll post walkthroughs again, too. If people even read comments – seems the comments section is pretty empty for all games.
    Bookmarked. I wish you guys all the best for this site!

    • Jan says:

      Thank you, Sol. We will keep posting contents regularly. Happy to see you are sticking around again!