Escape Turquoise Room

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Escape Turquoise RoomAfter the release of Escape Orange Room one month ago, a Room Escape game created by PaskaPet from 2keygames, I was wondering if the next episode would be called “Escape Blue Room”. Well, obviously, I was wrong! May be next time… Have fun!

Update: Escape Turquoise Room walkthrough in comment #57 (thanks Drongo!) 

By Eric

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237 Comments to Escape Turquoise Room

  1. Krista says:

    I cant use the lighter on the tube! its not working!!!

  2. crazy penguin says:

    so people here is the whole walkthrough if you don’t understand the first, read the second!


    Don’t thank me!

  3. cfv says:

    how to get the stinking lighter

  4. cfv says:

    how to get the lighter please tell me ?

  5. frank says:

    how do you lure the mouse out with the battery where do you click

  6. Teisha Leigh. says:

    i can’t get the code for the safe!

  7. Nailah says:


  8. jasmin says:

    hey.. how do i solve the rings?

    it’s freaking hard!!

  9. EscapeR says:

    Thanx for the walkthrough Drongo!!!! Finished almost all the games in the series except Pear Ecru Chestnut and Khaki room!

  10. confused says:

    help me with this hanoi puzzels…PLEASE!

  11. confused says:

    ok i got it XD

  12. bla bla says:

    how to u get the code for the safe, i got the uv light nd i looked in the back of the book thing wit it nd it said a whole bunch of things nd then it said blue level 463 nd then green level 001. wat does that mean

  13. kyle says:


  14. kyle says:

    is there a speical place to put the tube to clean it on the broken radiator?????

  15. JJ says:

    hllo i guess no 1s on so uhm well oh well well could the next person that gets on plzzzzz make a walkthrough

  16. DVON DUDLEY FAN says:

    where is the green/blue levels at

  17. DVON DUDLEY FAN says:

    never mind you have to have every Show

  18. kodani says:

    how do u open the safe once u put in the code????

  19. Love_Me_Or_Stop_Trying says:

    Sigh. I have the anti-acid jacket. I have the anti-acid boots (left & right). I have the anti-acid umbrella. I have the UV light I made. I have some sort of radiator valve. I click the umbrella, and I try to walk out. Am I nervous or something?

    What the…

  20. olioaks says:

    dudes and dudettes help i need help with the magnetic game i cant seem to get the things on the middle bAR!! HELP!!!

  21. pet-lover says:

    need code 4 safe

  22. pet-lover says:

    nvm i got it.

  23. pet-lover says:

    I AM OUT!

  24. skye says:

    i just started and i don’t even know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. hacker says:

    whats the safe code

  26. Peytonyou says:

    Where are you supposed to put the uv lamp after you make it?

  27. auilghauilgw says:

    how do i smash dictaphone thing?

  28. kyky says:

    how do u smash the dictaphone?

  29. Mel says:

    Thanks to all the hints, i still couldn’t get out… but then i realise you need

    Once again thanks everyone out the… i love these games.

  30. Nika says:

    what is a dictaphone ? :D

  31. bobo says:

    i am confused

  32. julian guy says:

    help!!! when i try to get the wrench it gos *fart* *fart* *fart* help please!!!!!

  33. evelina says:

    how can u take the battery out from the hole?

  34. cheeksz says:

    how do you get the mouse to take the apple core?
    i kept clicking but it wont work.

  35. becca says:

    someone help me on the stupid ring thing
    i cant do it

  36. luva says:

    how do you break dictaphone

  37. Hannah says:

    where are the two boots