Escape Turquoise Room

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Escape Turquoise RoomAfter the release of Escape Orange Room one month ago, a Room Escape game created by PaskaPet from 2keygames, I was wondering if the next episode would be called “Escape Blue Room”. Well, obviously, I was wrong! May be next time… Have fun!

Update: Escape Turquoise Room walkthrough in comment #57 (thanks Drongo!) 

By Eric

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  1. CodDude says:

    How do i get a lighter?

  2. th says:

    Where Is The Lighter?

  3. Andrew House says:

    WoooHooo! I’m out on my third try. I am sure you are up to the UV. Here is my detailed walkthrough! Show

    Have fun watching the funny video of you escaping in your painted things so the acid will no effect you.


  4. bobo says:

    How do you figure out the safe combination?

  5. unkillable1 says:

    I need a complete walkthrough, thats wat i came here for! thats wat i need

  6. taylor says:

    umm how do you open the safe

  7. cindy says:

    confused on how to do the thing w. the magnets…how do i move the biggest magnet to the middle when the other magnet is in the way…sum1 plz help..step by step

  8. megan says:

    how do i get the mouse to come out of the hole? i’m waiting with the apple core, but he won’t come.

  9. Ashes says:

    What in the world is the code for the safe. please Help!!!!!!!

  10. angel536 says:

    i have the codes for the safe, but i can’t seem to get it open after putting in the numbers.

  11. GamingGal says:

    I need soooo much help i dont even know where to start pleaseeeee help me I’ll prbably need a whole huge spoiler

  12. BENNY PETE says:

    wat is an HF

  13. Sarah says:

    i need help i’ve got the core and i’ve been trying to use it to get the mouse out
    can anyone tell me the general area

  14. Camaron says:

    I’ve made this full walkthrough for those who need help from beginning to end.
    Sorry if my english is not that great but it’s not my primary language.

    You need to click on items to get them in you inventory.
    Some items can be used with other items, to do so click open the item you want something to be used on.
    Then click the item you want to use on it and click it on the opened item. (might sound complicated but it will be so easy doing in the game).
    Some items can be replaced to where you found them when used on other items to save valuable inventory space.


  15. com says:

    how do you bend the light tube

  16. Camaron says:

    In the walkthough it’s explained but I copied the tube part here so you can go on.


  17. gameboyteddy says:

    gamerjoe Show

  18. ghrvhggfdd says:

    what is the bar code

  19. Zoe says:

    I need help getting the 2nd battery

  20. cooldude says:

    its soooo Show

  21. sam says:

    how do i take the rad thing off of the radiator. It won’t let me

  22. sam says:

    how do you kove the couch to the mouse hole?

  23. sam says:

    where do you get the right boot

  24. James says:

    Right boot Show

  25. kL-C says:

    i get figure out how to get the batteries in the uv help?!?!

  26. Coo says:

    I threw the acid and clicked the umbrella but it wont let me out! HELP!

  27. LeChae says:

    Hey. how do you get the second boot??????! i cant find it!

  28. andimaee says:

    help i have the coated umrlla but when i click the door noothing happens what do i do???

  29. T@ylor says:

    what is the UV light is it the lamp or the big purple thing and how do i get the floresent u tube into the light thing?????

  30. T@ylor says:

    nm i found it but where are the two boots

  31. help says:

    how do you break the dictaphone?

  32. chris says:

    How do u lure the mouse out it not working are u supposed to click somewhere or put the apple somewhere help

  33. cody says:

    ho do you beat it

  34. Christine says:

    i can get the fan to stop, but i cannot get the glass, where do i click to get it?

  35. escape lover66 says:

    HELP! i cant figure out anything on this i’ve been looking at these comments for about 5 mins some one help me!!

  36. ShadowyChakra says:

    Woaaa Nice game
    Really difficult hehe

  37. gordo says:

    what do i do after i get the tube

  38. geena says:

    k so how do u get the battery out of the dictaphone???

  39. geena says:

    k never mind got it

  40. confused says:

    i cant get in the safe HELP ME im pretty sure its the right code but i cant get in

  41. brian says:

    this is so frusterating…
    i understand that im supposed to put the magnets from largest to smallest but its seriously impossible.
    ive been trying for 2 hours straight
    does anyone know the certain order that i have to do this?

  42. Jaja says:

    How do you open the safe?! Where do I find the code?

  43. pattie says:

    HELP! what is this wrench that everyone is talking about?

  44. sk8rb0y says:

    hi how do you open the safe???

  45. Nancy says:

    I can’t get the magnets in the right order…..

  46. Nancy says:


  47. natty says:

    how do you open the safe

  48. LORI says:


  49. Jen says:

    HELP!!! What and where is the fan??

  50. Reece says:

    how do you do it?