Anika’s Odyssey

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Anika Odyssey: Land of the Taniwha Anika Odyssey: Land of the Taniwha Anika’s Odyssey: Land of Taniwha is an enchanting Point’n’Click adventure created by Trickysheep, from New Zealand.

“Break away from reality to enter a mystical world inspired by Aotearoa, New Zealand, as you meet the curious spirits and exotic creatures that inhabit this wondrous wilderness.

Help Anika explore her colorful landscape as she journeys to reclaim her beloved friend. Use the mouse to explore the surroundings, and click to interact.”

Visually, Anika’s Odyssey is incredibly well done and the game has almost everything to become a popular hit, even though it is too short. No doubt there will be a sequel soon!

Overall, a truly excellent game!

Have fun!

Update: Anika’s Odyssey walkthrough in comment #31 (thanks Reka!) 

By Eric

current rating 4.79


78 Comments to Anika’s Odyssey

  1. Snowman says:

    Anika’s Odyssey Walkthrough (In story form!)
    Chapter One: Anika And The Imps

    Chapter Two: Anika Meets A Chameleon

    Chapter Three: Anika’s Troll Touble

    Chapter Four: Sabatoging The Machine

    Chapter Five: A Goat Stops The Quest

    Chapter Six: Anika Foils The Eagle

    • nina says:

      good but the second chapter is boring to play and i just stopped. do you have any cheat codes?

  2. Snowman says:

    Anika’s Odyssey Walkthrough (If you had trouble with the story.)

    • Bob says:

      I can’t get past the log, I get the red imp stuck, but when i go to crawl through the log, the yellow one gets him unstuck and does the same thing

  3. espie says:

    best game!!!

  4. eshnuna says:

    yehey!!! icompleted it at last!!!

    thanks for the walkthrough!!!

  5. Rbud says:

    Truly one of the cutest games I’ve seen, and the art is beautiful as well. I really enjoyed it. But, you guys doing walkthroughs and skipping the Show

    Am I right? Shortcuts in the walkthroughs for this little game take away a bit of the fun, I think (for new people doing it for the first time, I mean.) – anyone agree?

    • nina says:

      iiiii dont agree it is agravating and i have answers now but it still is boring

  6. Tzambissamo says:

    I agree Rbud!!! I play this game through occasionally just for the artwork, animation and music. I always like to look at the chameleon changing colour, cos it makes me laugh :-D

    This game makes me happy, I’m looking forward to the sequel.

  7. Nancy says:

    Hey Reka, thanks for the help with the walkthrough……really helped me…

  8. Shelby says:

    Hehe that was a very good game

    it wasn’t long so that it dragged on and on and you just wished it would end

    it wasn’t short so you weren’t thinking “wow some 13 year old kid must have just made this game up”

    it wasn’t REALLY difficult

    it was challenging and made you think that someone out there had a really cute idea about a little girl with a passion for adventure ((and her stuffed bunny)) lol!

    One of the best point and click games ever invented


    good job trickysheep!

  9. RJ says:

    Very cute game. For some reason it reminded me of being a child imagining “Where the Wild Things Are” (my favorate book at the time). And a thanks to PriplePashn for his help which allowed me to just peak at the current problem and not ruining the whole game.

  10. peter griffen says:

    i thought it was cute could have had more action but it was cute

  11. ??! says:

    I played this but it was a bit challenging at first than, it started getting boring near the end because you had to go back and forth for one little detail.

  12. Chris says:

    i can’t get the machine to work! HELP!!

  13. jackson says:

    guys to get up u need to go to the trolley or something.. u put rocks in it and then u gotta make the ramp thing go up.. but the trolley gets to heavy so it breaks the rocks below and u get stairs.. start going down.. then go up to the right. a big ram comes and then he is blocking you… go up and open the wooden door to roll a rock at the ram.. then the ram goes away and then u just go up

  14. jackson says:

    u gotta go back to the metal trolley and put rocks in it.. then go over the bridge and make it go up.. the ramp gets to heavy so it slams the ground and makes stairs to go down..go down and walk to the right then go up.. while walking up a big ram blocks ur path so wat do u do? go back and go into the hole and open the wooden door once then go down and go up.. now ur at the crows nest.. do it bye urself from now on :)

  15. FiestyGal says:

    What a beautiful game. I absolutely loved playing this. Very relaxing music, the graphics are fantastic and the ending is wonderful! My compliments to the creator(s) of this masterpiece. :)

  16. Jody says:

    That was a very awersome game. Cute. I needed a very little help ( yet it was challenging ) AND it was adorable. Thanks.

  17. CariDee says:

    It was so nice to finally see a game that you could actually get through with! Wow that gane was awesome!!!!

  18. me says:

    this is such a cute game, at the end she kisses the rock on the cheek and he blushes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! C.U.T.E (cute unbad title end)

  19. Jefferson Lee says:

    This is the best!!!!!!!!!!:))):):):!!!!

  20. mary says:

    can somebody explain me what we should do at the machine?
    I can’t understand the hints..

  21. unknown says:

    how can i see hints

  22. Alice says:

    Thought the previous walkthrougth were a bit’s a better one!!

  23. Evvvvvvvvy says:

    Does anyone know any other types of games like this? Simple point and click games? Thanks. :-)

  24. lily says:

    where do i get the rocks at to put it in the machine?

  25. Lama says:

    Awesome! Beautifully rendered. I love the trees and Taniwha especially. Good point and click, though the graphic panning is annoying and you could tell where to click because the mouse changed. Ka Pai!