Kingdom Rush Frontiers

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For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Kingdom Rush series.

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is the sequel to arguably one of the most successful tower defense games in recent years. It’s developer Iron Hide had one heck of a task in releasing a sequel that would live up to the hype and expectations that were set in the original.

More of the same?

If you have played the original, from the offset the sequel will look all too familiar. The various towers such as the mage tower, dwarf tower and barracks are not much different too the original, is this an expansion i here you say? or a sequel?

The same base buildings, the 3 star rating system and some various characters have been thrown into this version, but to be honest it still offers much more new stuff that would give even the previous players something to chew on. But for the new players… it gives them another great tower defense game.

The physics… build n’ kill.

Who doesn’t like building stuff, then watching them kill waves upon waves of incoming enemies? It isn’t just a case of mindlessly building towers, but selectively choosing the type of towers to build and the designation on the map. Using a bit of your *ahem* strategic intelligence you can use combinations of towers to slow down and kill your enemies. The barracks for example deploys 4 troops who fight any incoming enemies, whilst the demon and mage towers sets them alight or freezes them, do you fancy BBQ ribs or iced lemon tea?

These towers can be upgraded and when they reach a certain level you’ll be presented with a choice of 2 upgrade types, each having its advantages and disadvantages, it does indeed add a interesting twist to the game.

The introduction of Heroes in this sequel is most welcome, however you only have the choice to select a few, others are only unlocked by spending money, no… not in-game money, but real cash :)

Unlike the troops sent out from your barracks who can only patrol a limited perimeter, your hero is a much tougher character who can move around the entire map just by pointing and clicking. You can upgrade your hero by accumulating skill points (by killing enemies and getting more experience). Those skill points can be spent by upgrading your heroes special attacks, stamina, strength etc.


As aforementioned in this review, this sequel does look very familiar to its predecessor, but with the complaint about the original being too short, i guess now with much more maps and trophies to be had in this sequel, it has addressed that comfortably.

If the original version wasn’t difficult enough, this sequel proves to be more so, but the good news is for those who are not strategically gifted as Napoleon you can play the Kingdom Rush Frontiers hacked version, which provides you with some great if not humorous advantages to progress throughout the game.

All in all this is a must play tower defense game if you haven’t played the original, and if you have, this does offer a lot more game play if you’re ok with seeing some repeating features.

Have fun!


By Eric

current rating 3.57


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