Prism Core

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Prism CorePrism CorePrism Core is the sequel to Cube Core and Sphere Core, two Room Escape games recently released by John Feltham.

At the start of the game you are given a choice of three items. Each item choice gives you a completely different way of escaping the room: the camera is the easiest escape and the power core is the hardest and most complicated.

“After walking into the light, it took a few minutes for my eyes to become accustomed to the brightness. I find myself in a small room, with panels of light all around me. As if waking from a dream-like state, I realise that I have been in this room for much longer than I realised – it is a simulation chamber.

A circular door stands ominously before me. Whatever awaits me is on other side of it. Time passes as I contemplate my fate. Then suddenly a hidden device in the room sparks into life. It seems I am about to be given a choice…”

Have fun!

Update: Prism Core walkthrough in comment #43 (thanks nitrox!)

By Eric

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62 Comments to Prism Core

  1. waterpot king says:

    choice camera will be Show

  2. Gissa says:

    When you choose the genetic print-out Show

  3. AgiHammerklau says:

    I escaped Utopia !
    All three options used.
    That was an easy one !

    If you need help, just ask.

  4. AgiHammerklau says:


  5. Gissa says:

    Yeah I just got it, thanks anyway :) All three were pretty easy.

  6. waterpot king says:

    How to do with the color panel?

  7. waterpot king says:

    Finally got out!!

  8. ANITA says:


  9. NetMonster says:

    How do I do what AgiHammerklau suggests? I can’t use those two objects together :/

  10. albatrozzz says:


  11. AgiHammerklau says:


  12. Carrollyim says:



  13. Reka says:

    Stuck on power core version…

    But I have no idea how to go on from here. Any hints?

  14. NetMonster says:

    Thank you!

  15. Reka says:

    Ah, figured it out!

    From there, it’s just easy puzzly fun-ness. :)

  16. Louise says:

    the camera mode would not work with me !

  17. StarFly says:

    Louise Show

  18. StarFly says:

    Someone please help with the color code!

  19. death13a says:

    when you put color ball in slot if it lites yellow then wrong place, if it lites red then it doesn’t belong there.

  20. StarFly says:

    nvm, got it. Finished all three. Love these games! Hope another comes out real soon!!!

  21. anna says:

    Please help me, where did you find the Show

    I’m stuck :(

  22. StarFly says:

    Thanks anyway, death13a. It’s like the game mindbender. Used to play that all the time.

  23. StarFly says:

    anna Look Show

  24. Reka says:



  25. Josesita says:

    cant get poo from the animal!!

  26. nick twixt says:

    how to find the code for after the color puzzle?

  27. nitrox says:

    where do u get the screwdriver???

  28. nitrox says:

    i cant find the screw driver for the power core… can anyone help?

  29. Lev says:

    On power-core mode, I have a crystal. I think I must be almost finished but I don’t know what to do next. Clues, anyone? Thanks.

  30. Lev says:

    Nevermind, I figured it out.

  31. StarFly says:

    nitrox for screwdriver


  32. nick twixt says:

    how did you get the crystal? please help! i got the color puzzle, but how to get the crystal?

  33. neko says:

    what do you do with the acid?

  34. Silmarien says:

    In power core mode, how do you get the glowing cristal?

  35. Quate says:


    Also, a question for power core mode. After the color puzzle, what’s the combination and why?


  36. Silmarien says:

    neko Show

  37. Quate says:

    Ooh, nevermind. Got it.

  38. Silmarien says:

    nick twist, I found the crystal:

  39. Andy says:

    Okay – I have turned the prism to red, and I have the flower in the watered soil-filled pot, but the flower won’t grow. What am I missing?

  40. StarFly says:

    Andy Show

  41. Andy says:

    Ah, thanks. I watered the soil beforehand but not afterward.

  42. meh says:

    i have the crystal in place, but i still can’t get out. whats the final step?

  43. nitrox says:

    full walkthrough

    genetic print out

    power core (the best ending):

  44. nick twixt says:

    thanks for your help Silmarien, i made it to utopia!!!

  45. bob says:

    AAAAAAGGGGHHH! puzzle in core mode! how do ya solve it?

  46. ae says:

    Yay! Did the puzzle:
    Start Left, go down then up and to the left, then down. Yay

  47. Fooby says:

    With the power core Show

  48. Xoke says:

    Fooby – You’re taking it out to early I think. I did that – put power core in, hit button, take power core out (before orb appears) and it glows. Wait until orb appears then get orb and then power core.

  49. Harry says:

    I cant get the Show

  50. Hnxl says:

    Don’t get the space with the lock after getting acid????