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J-Tubeus Steam Adventure

J-Tubeus: Steam Adventure stars J-Tubeus, a bowler-hat wearing robot who wheels around his city of brass and steam sporting a boombox, because it’s the cutest thing, that’s why.

On a morning like any other, however, his morning stroll is rudely interrupted when he finds himself kidnapped and tossed in a cell!

I found the game play a bit slow but the puzzles are very challenging the farther along you get.

Have fun!

By White Wolf

current rating 2.79


3 Comments to Jayisgames – J-Tubeus: Steam Adventure

  1. kmc777 says:

    And I’m out….

    I think this is a good game! : )

    I especially like the music and atmosphere. The Robot is funny when he’s mad and when he just tosses things when it’s not what he needs lol. Good game overall and though I wish the graphics were a little bigger, they were well done!!

  2. Fedor says:

    I am one of the creators of this game.
    Thank you very much for your interest in our game.
    To help players in the moment, our site has a video pass each level.

    Besides the passage there is a description of the game and sketches.
    Enjoy the game :)