Twoon Exit with Alpha-pa

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Twoon Exit with Alpha-paTwoon Exit with Alpha-pa is a new Japanese Room Escape game. “Twin” would have been probably more appropriate for a game that features two rooms a la Collaboration Escape. The game looks very promising and is nominated for the Japanese Shockwave 2007 awards. That being said, it’s all written in Japanese, and the language barrier doesn’t help. Have fun!

Note: Please be patient while the game is loading!

By Eric

current rating 3.33


58 Comments to Twoon Exit with Alpha-pa

  1. dunno says:

    where are all pieces of papers???

  2. nas_shack says:

    How can i transport things from the right room to the left one??? please help me

  3. ahagh says:

    use plier Show

  4. Stuckman says:

    I can’t get the code behind the right tube on the machine with the blue sreen and I have clicked every pixel on the sreen using the mirror. Please help me!
    And I also can’t move objects from one room to another, there is something in the left room blocking the controls of the transport thing, and I cant use the cutter to remove it.
    And the code for the computer? I don’t understand the explanation of stickmen…
    I need a lot of help? could someone make a walkthrough for dumbs? hehehe…
    Thank you very much

  5. Stuckman says:

    I made it!!

  6. Ruby says:

    I think the stickmen code is the hardest thing in this game,
    To dunno

  7. Somna says:

    Here’s my attempt to translate the notes I’ve found so far using google and other online tools. The words in caps have not been translated. So far my translation doesn’t make a lot of sense, so I could use some help.

  8. mwynn says:

    This game has been — removed from the site.