Halloween Escape

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Halloween EscapeHalloween Escape is the latest Room Escape game created by FreakinRooms, the author of the Polleke’s Room series and the Head-Fi series. You find yourself in a creepy room today and you must escape the room before Halloween night! Don’t be scared, everything will be ok ;-) Have fun!

Halloween walkthrough (thanks tic!)

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By Eric

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33 Comments to Halloween Escape

  1. tic says:

    I got all the ingredients, but what to do next? How to brew them?

  2. queequeg says:

    i reckon need to stick all the ingredients into the pot – light the candles and dunno..something will happen.

    i haven’t found all the ingredients yet – can’t get the spider and eyeball

  3. Lukske says:

    Tic, put rotton flesh in hole with wire

  4. Lukske says:

    look under table for key

  5. tic says:

    So far got the ingredients:

  6. tic says:

    Thanx Lukske. Thats it.

  7. tic says:

    Complete walkthrough:

    Thanx Lukske for helping out.

  8. queequeg says:

    found everything … hmmm … nothing is happening

  9. mr. beer says:


    You’re OUT

  10. queequeg says:

    thanks Lukske and tic

  11. Curtis says:

    Good times. good times.

  12. ben says:

    its not letting me put the ingreediants in the culdrian srry for my spelling

  13. tic says:

    Ben, did you click just above the cauldron to position yourself above it? You should be looking in it. Then you should be able to drag the ingredients in the cauldron

  14. Louu =] says:

    HAHAHAHAHA…. omygoddy. i reallyy want too have a go at this game but my daddyyy has put a childlock on it..

    hahhaa..i feel rare.
    and in rage.

  15. dezz says:

    i dunno how to play.
    what do press.
    i mean there is no play butten.

  16. mistyangel says:

    how do you put the not inside the cauldron?

  17. princexx says:

    Finished, ha this game is so childish but its fun nothing scry at all! it like a kid cartoon nothing jumps out at u and nothing makes any noise its just plain escaping with what u got haha, i loved it needed help and got it thanks everyone for the little clues to fill me in :)

  18. i got it from my mama says:

    look under table for the hamer , break the skull with the hamer and you will find a key use the key to unlock the drawer in the drawer you will find the eyebal 3 books and a spell

  19. Cola De Vaca says:

    I do not know where to get the piece of rotten meat

  20. floss says:

    cola de vaca:

  21. adolfo says:

    where is the bat?

  22. Me ! says:

    Where Is The Powder Thing .?

  23. pau says:

    once yo u’ve put all the ingredients in the cauldron remember to put too the piece of paper found in one of the drawer

  24. wezzle says:

    what else do you need and were do you find the bits and bobs?

  25. Vera says:

    where is the damn skeleton everyone is talking about?

  26. Hannah says:

    there is no hammer under a table in our game.

  27. michelle says:

    the hammer isnt under a table its elsewhere

  28. Courtney says:

    how do you put the stuff in the cauldron???????? :*(

  29. taylor says:

    get the meat from the skeleton duh

  30. taylor says:

    get some straw from the pumpkin then put the straw on the fire in the pumpkin then get the straw thats lit up and put it on the candels on the table and u have to lit the straw three times for each candle!! :)

  31. Sexychica says:

    Haha, thanks for the help. It’s funny cos it seems like every time I play an escape game I always look up the answers. xD

  32. kkkkkkkkk says:

    where is the skeleton?
    and the bat?

  33. darkwolf101 says:

    help! i cant seem to find the key in the room with all the pumpkins after i stacked them and got the light in the lanturn!! wheres the key!!!????