YonaYona – KAGOME

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KAGOME is another Japanese Room Escape game from YonaYona.

Search for clues and solve puzzles to find your way out.

Two possible endings.

Have fun!

KAGOME Walkthrough

Thanks WonderWorm

By White Wolf

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2 Comments to YonaYona – KAGOME

  1. WonderWorm says:

    I got stuck, so I tried translating. The book with music notes on it says “children’s song” and contains lyrics to a children’s song about a caged bird, a stork, and a turtle. The book with the key on it says “method of escape.” Duh. The bird book was tough. I think it says something like, “I will move to a place where I can always see people I love,” and then on the page with the bird footprints, I think it just describes the bird’s feet: one short toe behind three toes.
    Got through with the normal end and it plays the song from the book, with kids and the bird playing the game that goes with the song. Cute. I’ll come back later to try to get the other end and write a walkthrough.

  2. WonderWorm says:

    Okay, here’s the walkthrough. The first run is mostly recon.
    Wall 1: Show

    Turn right.
    Wall 2: Show

    Turn right.
    Wall 3: Show

    Turn right.
    Wall 4: Show

    Using things, pt. 1: Show

    Height clue: Show

    Using things, pt. 2: Show

    Solving the bird book clue: Show

    Answer: Show

    Using things, pt. 3: Show

    Corners clue: Show

    Using things, pt. 4: Show

    Decoding the direction clue: Show

    Direction code: Show

    Using things, pt. 5: Show

    Finding the shape code: Show

    Almost done: Show

    Happy end: Show

    The happy end has the same song but a different animation.