Amajeto – Lily Temple

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Lily Temple

Lily Temple is a Room Escape game from Amajeto.

Search for clues and solve puzzles to escape.

Have fun!

Lily Temple Walkthrough

Thanks WonderWorm

By White Wolf

current rating 4.15


6 Comments to Amajeto – Lily Temple

  1. sad says:

    The game doesn’t load, tried Firefox and Chrome. No adblock installed. :(

    • sad says:

      So I didn’t give up on this game, and here’s what I’ve found:

      Apparently none of their games will load on their respective pages. The only way I found to access the game was to look at the source code and click the “game.swf” link. Meaning one can only play the game if one does the above or add “game.swf” to the end of the original url. That way the game will open by itself on a separate window.

      There is a “display:none” in the div containing the game embedding code that may be the culprit for it not showing where it should.

      All that being said… nice game! :)

      • White Wolf says:

        I don’t have any problems loading it at all in FireFox and Chrome. When I used IE, the only thing I had to do was update the adobe flash player. Good luck.

  2. sad says:

    Thank you White Wolf for your reply. :)

    Thing is, some of the games loaded and were playable using the devious way I posted above, but some didn’t. If some loaded and were playable, that means my browsers possess all that’s needed to load them. But that was yesterday.

    Today it only redirects to their home page. I’ve cleared cache, cookies, etc, to no avail.
    And it only happens with this specific site. All I can see there are the ads.

    Anyway, I was able to play this game yesterday and it’s quite nice. :)

  3. goldie says:

    I like these games, thnx for posting.

  4. WonderWorm says:

    Navigation is pretty simple here, so I won’t include all the details like “back out.” I’m sure you can figure it out.