Nekogames – Also Which?

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Also Which

Also Which? is the latest Puzzle game from Nekogames by Yoshio Ishii.

Which ball is back!

Interact with the two circles or the environment and answer the 20 questions correctly.

Have fun!

By White Wolf

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3 Comments to Nekogames – Also Which?

  1. Andy says:

    I think I have figured all of them out except for Which Minute.

    • jeff says:

      For which minute I go by the one that moves in smaller increments. I can get “which weaker” but I don’t understand the reasoning behind it. Same thing with “bigger” I don’t understand the reason behind the answer. The “clockwise” is tough in general…hard to tell wich way they are spinning

      • Anracli says:

        The “weaker” one is the one that


        The “bigger” one is the one that