Bloons Tower Defense 2

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Bloons Tower Defense 2Bloons Tower Defense 2Bloons Tower Defense 2 is now live!

The sequel to Bloons Tower Defense made by Ninjakiwi comes with 3 new maps – easy, medium and hard, one new tower type, some new upgrades, and two brand new items that you can put on the road in case some bloons manage to escape.

There are also two new bloon types to struggle with and if you are already a Bloons TD fan, I doubt Bloons Tower Defense 2 will make you rethink your position.

Prepare yourself for lots of fun and hours of popping bloons!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00


70 Comments to Bloons Tower Defense 2

  1. Doomlord says:

    i cannot get past lvl 30 on hard!:'( i am gonna destroy my pc any second!

  2. tamdarr says:

    you guys who cant beat easy just suck lol try useing the cannons with the pink things and save up A LITTLE MONEY to get supper monkey he rocks but you need his 2000$ upgrade so he has epic range

  3. Arian says:

    Quite Easy game if you can notice the important things.

  4. mike says:

    bob thank you so much.i have been obsessed to complete this games for too long

  5. Chris Griffin says:

    I took bob’s advice, and I beat Hard mode! :)

    Here’s the link to the pic (it looks just like bob’s)

  6. Søren says:

    Hey Bob.

    When I was introduced to the game by a friend, I quickly managed to beat easy, medium, hard and then hard on perfect. However, I got so obsessed with the game that I wanted to complete hard difficulty USING NO SPIKES OR GLUE.
    I have tried a lot of strategies, using tacks, using boomerangs, using upgrades, playing in the middle or in the sides – but your strategy is clearly the best! However, it’s just not good enough and I keep losing around level 43.

    If you have time to find or already have found a refined strategy, please send it to me :)

    Thank you

  7. Søren says:

    Never mind, did id myself :D

  8. jerk says:

    Bob, you rock! Beat the hard lvl with your suggestion of grouping and ratio of boomerangs to bombs. Thanks!

  9. Crazycolorz says:

    bob, Thanks for your help on hard mode. I didn’t have to us a Road Spike until level 11 to blobk a few reds!

  10. Kevin says:

    bob you’re a beast!!! i got killed on hard before i usd you’re method

  11. mike says:

    to blow the silver balloons you have to have a cannon upgrade to do it.

  12. steven hawkings says:

    I was on the last level of hard then the power went out that sucks so bad

  13. Ellie says:

    i have very laggy computer
    need more ram however somehow managed to finish easy (23 Lives) with a **** load of road spikes and

  14. bob says:

    can you complete the game with just road spikes??

  15. Mongo says:

    I wasted all 3 levels and didn’t lose 1 life

  16. Cle says:

    I passed all level. I think game is not properly optimized because you do not need anything more than bombs and monkeys in hard level…

  17. Nadja says:

    I win at level hard with 50 lives remaining !

  18. immortal tecnque 4eva says:

    is there any money cheats cuz i want like 10 super monkeys and 5 bamb cannons 4 those lead ballons

  19. Bûnel says:

    Bob, your method worked out, no range upgrades. i beat hard with 8 cannons and 16 boomerangs and using glue with right corridor at the start of every round.

  20. David SunDanzer says:

    I can beat hard with no road tacks or glue. My best game is 49 lives remaining. I build up to 5 monkeys all with darts and one with extra range, then add only cannons and boomerage monkeys the rest of the game. I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to beat this game. Most early firepower is located far left and right at points were the can hit the bloons on both paths. Good luck!