HoodaMath – Find HQ: The Forest

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Find HQ: The Forest

Find HQ: The Forest is the latest in a series of Room Escape games from HoodaMath.

You are a member of a secret club.

The headquarters is somewhere in the forest.

Look around and find clues to help you find HQ.

Have fun!

Find HQ: The Forest Walkthrough.

(Thanks Gameseeker!)

By White Wolf

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3 Comments to HoodaMath – Find HQ: The Forest

  1. Gameseeker says:

    It’s walkthrough time

    Part 1
    First Objective: Collect 3 Planks
    The first is right in front of you but you can’t reach it
    Go right.

    Note the blue thing on the table (It’s a backpack)
    It needs a 3 digit code. We’ll come back to that later
    Go right twice

    Click on the tree HintShow

    Go back to the camp site

    Click on the backpack and enter the code from the tree

    Take the Show

    Go back to the beginning and throw it at the tree.

    pick up the plank.

    Go right

    Click on Show

    to find a rock.

    Go right twice again

    Use the rock to cut the rope on the swing and collect another plank

    Finally visit the camp one more time

    look at the Trash Can in the background
    arrange the colours according to the fractions from lowest to highest Show

    Go back to the tree where you got the first clue

    Click on the bottom of the tree and enter the colour code
    take the wrench

    Go left


    Go Up\Forward

    At the bridge go right and use the Show

    take the last of the planks.

    Go left and place the 3 planks you collected. Don’t go across yet.

  2. Gameseeker says:

    Part 2

    Second Objective: Collect 3 Gems
    From the Bridge go Left

    Take the shovel

    Remember that patch of dirt? Go back to the Volley ball Net and dig

    Take the Green Gem

    It’s time to cross the river

    Notice the key in the campfire. You have to put the fire out.
    Go left and then forward

    At the “Ranger Station” You need a four letter code
    Look at the Notice next to the window Show

    Enter the Code and get a bucket

    Collect water from the bridge

    Go forward and put out the fire
    Take the key

    Look inside the tent and collect a tent pin\stake

    Go right Use it on the grey stone on the right to get a hammer

    Go left twice

    Go into the toilet on the left
    Use the hammer on the back wall and take the gem

    Go back to the ranger station and go right

    Use the key on the tent and take the fishing rod

    Go to where you took the plank from the sign and fish.
    LOL. The fish got away but he left you another gem.

    For a clue on where and how to use the gems Show

    Go right twice
    Place the Gems and pull the handle

    The End

  3. someone awesome says:

    what is the four letter code for the “ranger station”?