Gotmail.Jp – The Forbidden Doll Escape

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Doll Escape

The Forbidden Doll Escape is a Room Escape game from Gotmail.Jp.

Search for clues and solve puzzles to find your way out.

You don’t need to login for this one.

Have fun!

By White Wolf

current rating 2.55


16 Comments to Gotmail.Jp – The Forbidden Doll Escape

  1. matsude says:

    anyone playing?

  2. matsude says:

    there’s a safe behind the picture… i think u need a mirror to see the ‘PASS’ in the shelf

  3. matsude says:

    got a red bulb from the safe, and put it in the doll with one eye

  4. 666 says:

    one of the drawers contains tools u can open without key

  5. matsude says:

    u can move the 1st doll, then place the second one where was the 1st… and turn on the switch in the back of the doll,

  6. Jebidiah Kerbal says:

    matsude, how did you open the safe with the red bulb?

  7. Jebidiah Kerbal says:

    Brute forced the safe behind the picture, but don’t know where the ‘clue’ is that gives it to you legitimately.

    • Jebidiah Kerbal says:

      Figured it out; the doll’s head in the closet isn’t a puzzle, it’s a clue.

  8. Jebidiah Kerbal says:

    Stuck on the teeth, sun & moon puzzle.
    Found the ‘clue’ for it, but be careful, you can go too far and get rid of the way to change between the sun and moon clue.



    However, these don’t seem to work in any shape or form. Rather annoying. Tried to compare them to the teeth, but that’s not giving me any clues.

  9. matsude says:

    for the sun you have to put 0915, for the moon 1820, is another way to xpress the hour in 24 hour format. but i don’t know how to reach the mouse from the ‘secret room’, and i can’t open the book on the table… help please!

  10. matsude says:

    i can’t reach the mouse! and the magic book won’t open…. so frustrating!

  11. goldie says:

    Mat, do you have the saw, use it fot the chair leg, click the books, you see the cat, move the chair and voilá you can get teh mouse. pc. I hope you understand.

  12. Jebidiah Kerbal says:

    To open the book:


  13. Anemic says:

    Fatal error with the candle disappearing from inventory even if you haven’t fully used it, leading to a situation where you can’t progress. I’d avoid playing this game.