Barking Games – Crack The Safe

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Crack The Safe

Crack The Safe is a new Room Escape game designed by James Young from Barking Games.

The aim of the game is to break into each safe and then use the gems to get into the door in the blue room.

Each room has a puzzle to solve before you can get into the safe.

Use the slider bar/arrows at the top of the view to move from room to room.

Have fun!

By White Wolf

current rating 3.92

2 Comments to Barking Games – Crack The Safe

  1. CasualPlayer says:

    Lot of bug !?

    • Toxic says:

      I thought that to start with, then realised that the reason I couldn’t click on things was because I still had an item selected… when you click on an item it gets a red outline around the square and the magnifying glass lights up, if you click again the magnifying glass goes dark and the item is deselected…

      I didn’t find any bugs at all! What problems did you have?

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