SSSG – Abradine Asylum

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Abradine Asylum

Abradine Asylum is the latest Point’n’click Adventure game created by Selfdefiant.

Abradine Asylum hasn’t been in operation for over thirty years.

There have been several accounts of unexplained activity throughout the asylum.

Lately you have had several dreams where you are inside the asylum.

Tonight in your dream you found yourself walking up to the front door.

It takes a moment but you finally reach out and open the door, when suddenly you are consumed with darkness.

What is calling you to this place and what lurks inside?

You realize that this can’t be a dream!

Have fun!

By White Wolf

current rating 4.42


One Comment to SSSG – Abradine Asylum

  1. tati says:

    don´t know what to do with box and 3 circles