Sphere Core

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Sphere CoreSphere CoreSphere Core is the first Room Escape game created by John Feltham.

“This adventure will test you to the limits, your ability to recognise and work out the secrets of the puzzle will ultimately decide whether you succeed or not.

If you get stuck, keep trying to interact with objects, or look more closely at the room, all the clues are in place, it is just simply down to whether you can recognise them or not!”, the author said.

I have the feeling you that won’t stay long in this room, thanks to the TAB key!

Have fun!

Update: Sphere Core walkthroughs in comments #27 and #28 (thanks Clara, Duero and gandalf!)

By Eric

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91 Comments to Sphere Core

  1. Phear says:

    I need help… I cant get the hot water into the tube thing….

    I’m an idiot, please explain simply

  2. Daniel says:



  3. DAnnyrulessomuch45 says:

    I have put the puzzle bits in and the paths come up but nothing happens with the sphere

  4. Jon A says:

    I actually think this one is pretty easy compared to some of the others…

  5. Ryan says:

    it wont let me unscrew panel with screw driver need help is it the panel by the sink


    Ryan here’s the answer to you question


  7. Marquita says:

    the hell!!! i cant move on with the code in the trash bin… errrrr
    how do i know what is 5 3 and 4 in there. its all symbols. ugh…
    help me.

  8. jjbonbons says:

    i cant put the water filled glass into the left hole of the enertron, maybe there’s a bug?

  9. Csaba says:

    So if the head appears that’s it???? WTF?

  10. Ryan says:

    Yeah there’s definitely a couple bugs…

    I experienced one with the glass.


  11. yo says:

    BTW, I finish, but I have to refresh the page 3 times fcking bug on the electrosarasa

  12. colin says:

    how can i shut the music off?!!!

  13. I'm out! says:

    i’m out

    thanks to Duero (post 27)

  14. who, oh who says:

    the green tiles are for elektricity, you must connect them with each other in a certain place

  15. Goukakyuu says:

    Walkthrough O_O !!

    Sorry if i missed out anything or did something wrong … BB

  16. Guitar_matty says:

    I’ve done all of it up to the kettle and water bit… It sticks to the cursor :S
    Stupid glitch does anyone else get it?

  17. LIZ says:


  18. walktrough buster says:


  19. masyaf says:

    guys to use the screwdriver on the screws u have to use the pointer on the mouse, otherwise it wont work like it should
    the pointer being the tip of the finger on your mouse

  20. masyaf says:

    i beat it in a few mins btw

  21. nicole says:

    i can’t get the kettle into the sink. whenever i try it just goes back to the inventory

  22. Sam says:

    That’s too hard for me I think. =]

  23. pjotr says:

    well i put the frozen embryo tube on the screw, but when i turn it stays in the middle of the picure like its floating in the air orso :S

  24. yomaster says:

    i connected the tile together now what

  25. yomaster says:

    my sphere has a head and legs

  26. yomaster says:

    i did it

  27. jmac says:

    its soooooooooo easy after you do all that stuff Show

  28. CS says:

    I kept getting stuck at one specific point–I couldn’t get the pitcher of hot water in the Enertron. So I came looking, and found “12 get the water boiler and fill it with water / 13 put the boiler back on its base / 14 use glass on hot boiler.”

    First thought “What glass??”
    Second thought “I win!”
    Third thought “It -exploded-!”

    ‘Sankya Gandalf!

  29. AGNTBUSCH says:

    why cant i put the damn embryo in the left side it just gets stuck in the middle of the screen and stays there even when i change where i am looking!!

  30. jesse says:

    i made it to the face on the sphere now what im stuck

  31. Micah says:

    HEY EVERYBODY!!!!!!! The “embryo tubes” are actually called power cores. They are in all the other core games Show

  32. Micah says:

    I’m making a FULL walkthrough soon.

  33. Maggie May says:

    WOW. there are so many things in this game you just CANNOT do without resetting the game. that sucks. it frustrates me i cant finish it because everytime i restart it and do everything all over again there is something else i cant do.

  34. Claudia says:

    okay so i ‘ve got…Show

  35. molly says:

    i dont know how to complete the circuit,
    can anyone help please?

  36. Arby says:

    Well, I can’t unscrew the plate screws. I’m wondering whether it’s because I set my mouse to work via single clicks. That is, I prefer to have my mouse set up so that hovering highlights and a single, instead of double, click opens. I will test that.

  37. Arby says:

    Well, It’s not the single clicking vs double clicking. I can grab the screwdriver and apply it, but soon as I release the button to click, the screwdriver flies back to my collection tray. :-(

  38. Arby says:

    A YouTube walkthru helped. But it’s wacked. I just imitated the motions I saw in the video, with the weird floor screw in the middle position, as shown, until the panel fell away. The ‘action’ is poor here. Being reasonable and having reasonable expectations for gameplay works against you. That’s not helpful, in my view.

  39. Thalyah says:

    how do you beat dis game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  40. Thalyah says:

    its so hardish Help PLZ *

  41. Thalyah says:

    0mG !t$ M3