Sphere Core

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Sphere CoreSphere CoreSphere Core is the first Room Escape game created by John Feltham.

“This adventure will test you to the limits, your ability to recognise and work out the secrets of the puzzle will ultimately decide whether you succeed or not.

If you get stuck, keep trying to interact with objects, or look more closely at the room, all the clues are in place, it is just simply down to whether you can recognise them or not!”, the author said.

I have the feeling you that won’t stay long in this room, thanks to the TAB key!

Have fun!

Update: Sphere Core walkthroughs in comments #27 and #28 (thanks Clara, Duero and gandalf!)

By Eric

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91 Comments to Sphere Core

  1. mr. beer says:

    First one to be stuck?

  2. mr. beer says:

    I have:

    And now?

  3. Mokokauwae says:

    Im stuck too and i only have Show

  4. Mokokauwae says:

    found Show


  5. Mokokauwae says:

    Okay i filled Show

  6. honeybee says:

    Somebody help me! Where’s that famous Show

    I can’t find it.

  7. mr. beer says:

    Quite harder then it seems, specially at the end.

  8. honeybee says:

    aaaaaaaaaaarghhhhh! going mad.

    please help me with that damned Show



  9. Mokokauwae says:

    its back where you found the screwdriver.

  10. honeybee says:


  11. Clara says:

    Walkthrough so far:

    Thats where I am so far can anyone help with Show

  12. Hitman says:

    blue Show

    white Show

  13. Emilio says:


  14. Emilio says:

    Put Show

    and I don’t know what to do with the squares too

  15. Clara says:

    Ok ive found the blue square


  16. honeybee says:

    I got


    but there I got completely stuck. what next?

  17. Clara says:

    get the foetus

  18. Clara says:


  19. Evi says:

    i can’t unscrew the screws is there something i should do defore?

  20. Clara says:

    white tile



    on the sphere

  21. Evi says:

    i can’t unscrew the screws, is there something i should do defore?

  22. george says:

    just unscrew the screws with the screwdriver

  23. Clara says:

    Evi get the screwdriver and put it on top of each of the screws on the corners of the metal plates

  24. Clara says:

    has anyone got a clue about the giant screw by the sink, theres gotta be something about the height of it but i can’t figure it out. and how do you use the code the second time?

  25. Gissa says:

    The giant screw

  26. gandalf says:

    The tip with the giant screw doesnt work for me… anyone else a hint?

  27. Duero says:

    continuing from Post #11, clara’s walkthrough

  28. gandalf says:



  29. BoomBoxer says:

    haha thanks for the walkthrough gandalf. niwae the buttons i jus pressed it anyhow and it works too. so i guess u jus hav to press the buttons required and that pressing other buttons does not do anything to it. lol.
    weird game. but dun really tink its nice.

  30. another me says:

    Found it:

  31. Emma says:

    Thanks Gandalf for the walkthrough! =] bt did anyone else think that this game


  32. Louise says:

    There must be a bug. I’m like Evi, i CANNOT unscrew the screws with the screwdriver. When I approach my screwdriver from the panel, in front of each screw, the screwdriver won’t stay there and it gets back to its place.

  33. Brian says:

    Louise, Show

  34. Ana says:

    All right!!! I do it!!!! By the way… If you are from Finland email me… Edit: no email adress please!

  35. ali says:

    help i am stuck i cant open the steel pannel with screw driver !!!

  36. otacsaf says:

    metal panel and screws

  37. poolboi says:

    the glass wont go in

  38. gazza says:

    what is this giant screw thing about i cant do anything with this ball thingy.. it has a head and legs now..

  39. Joe Gamer says:

    If you can’t position the glass or something in the enertron, try restarting the game.
    This game sucks so bad, I can’t believe it.

  40. hiccup says:

    Where’s the faucet???

  41. Gregorian says:

    HELP!!! MY SPHERE IS SMOKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  42. charlies says:

    how do put the water in to the ketal

  43. Tom-tom says:

    how do u get the giant screw out of the hole

  44. Greg says:

    Got it

  45. fluffy says:

    you have to point your arrow on the screws when you’re holding the screwdriver, not the screwdriver itself

  46. Wellaj says:

    YAY i did it =D but thanks for the walktrought Duero

  47. little ani says:

    where is the white tile? like i cannnot find it on the lines near the entron…

  48. little ani says:

    oooh…nvm. i’m just dumb

  49. None says:

    What to do with the squares

  50. ..... says:

    I Don’t get this!

    All I have is: Show


    I need a walkthrough..

    TY.. :)