Steppin’ Stones

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Steppin Stones

Steppin’ Stones is a deceptively simple Puzzle game by Emiel de Graaf, you’ll be Steppin’ Stones over other stones, building pathways to the goal.

The number on the stone indicates how many can be placed along the path you choose.

Click and hold on the stone you want to use and drag your mouse over one of the arrows, then release to lay down the stones in that direction, connecting with other stones as needed to reach the outlined zone in each of the sixteen levels.

Have fun!

By White Wolf

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One Comment to Steppin’ Stones

  1. MiMikins says:

    That was a very nice game. Quick and a little bit of a challange. Nice for a quick break. For anyone who is having difficulties with the later levels here is a tip (Not a walkthrough):


    This tip may not be a lot of help, but it’s how I solved the last 8 :P