Tesshi-e – The Happy Escape 4

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The Happy Escape 4 is the latest Room Escape game released by Tesshie-e.

Don’t forget to select the English language before you start the game, unless you read Japanese…

Have fun!

By Eric

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9 Comments to Tesshi-e – The Happy Escape 4

  1. toun says:

    what about the painting. i cannot find the solution.

  2. toun says:

    ok i found it

  3. Ray says:

    I’ve found 10 HC. are these all?

  4. maekho says:

    Please, I need some help with the candle painting, what corner of the painting to press in what order.

  5. cyndi says:

    help me cause I can not figure the painting out

  6. Reka says:

    Wobbly picture: Show

  7. Reka says:


    – The game provides hints for the colorblind (or in this case, for those whose monitors don’t make much of a distinction between pastel green and pastel blue): just move your mouse over the item, and if the color is significant, it’ll tell you.
    – If there’s a second ending, I haven’t found it yet.

    Starting scene Show

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    Turn left Show

    Turn left Show

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