Neutral – Christmas Escape Toy

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Good news for all Room Escape lovers!

Neutral has just released its latest Room Escape game,  Christmas Escape Toy!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.46


18 Comments to Neutral – Christmas Escape Toy

  1. Lizzy says:

    Not so easy, but very nice!

  2. job3:14 says:

    Very pleasant game.

  3. MiniTaurus says:

    omg neutral @@
    what a suprise

  4. CountessDeecula says:

    I got there in the end, nice game.

    • michele says:

      where did you find the code for the wall lamp?
      can’t find the battery for the toy
      is there something else with the crayons, clicking them in a certain order or something?

  5. hilman says:

    i still don’t understand the logical explanation between the sketchbook and tile puzzle in drawer that spells Show

    • MK says:

      * = 23 means Show

    • Reka says:


    • hilman says:

      ah see…
      i thought it was a number order :D
      even after i peeked on eg24, i still don’t know the explanation..
      thanks guys :D

  6. MiniTaurus says:

    ^ it’s Show

  7. Reka says:

    The part where I was stuck for a while was Show

    It’s part of the hint for the Show

    The other part is Show



  8. WonderWorm says:

    I thought the ornaments were for the left-right code. But got past that and now I have no keys for the two doors and Show

  9. tonepoet says:

    Mya makes the best games IMO. And absolutely artful Christmas escape games. Really stoked about this!

    • allinoe says:

      They are my fav too! Clearly the best escspe games around. There’s another one coming up, possibly at similar difficulty level as Vision – can’t wait!

  10. jonhk says:

    excellent!! how come some people did not give 5 stars?????

    • Reka says:

      I suppose it might be because of the handheld game – some people (myself included) really suck at platform-type games, so it adds a bit of unwelcome frustration.

      That said, this particular platform game is dead easy, because there’s nobody chasing you, and no timer or clock counting down. My only difficulty was realizing that I was finished with it. :)