Nightmares, the Adventures – Episode 5

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Nightmares, the AdventuresNightmares, the Adventures 5Nightmares, the Adventures is a Point’n’Click adventures series aimed for a young audience originally created by Sarbakan for Radio-Canada.

In each installment, you must help the young Victor to overcome his fears in the Land of Nightmares so that he can sleep in peace!

In this fifth episode (only in French for now), Victor lands in the mansion of the sorcerer Vera Verrue, a good housekeeper.

Try to find a magic formula and help Victor overcome his nightmare!

Have fun!

Update: Nightmares, the Adventures – Episode 5 walkthrough in comment #5 (thanks chichi!)

By Eric

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103 Comments to Nightmares, the Adventures – Episode 5

  1. Paco says:

    Anyone speak french?

  2. Clara says:

    in the room with the 6 frogs the one you need to pick is Show

  3. Alexa Karuda says:

    I have Show

    Now I’m stuck. Any idea how to Show

  4. Paco says:

    I have wine, no idea how to speak french, and a short attention span. Any help?

  5. chichi says:














    • Adith says:

      Wow thanks for the very step-by-step hint, i was stuck at the last battery. Dont know if the padlock can be used :D

    • jozelle says:

      thanks alot for the tips. with out the tips i cant finish the game even thou i dont understand french. thanks again. it worth alot to me. :)

  6. Paco says:

    Danka chichi

  7. beebe says:

    thanks a lot ^ ^

  8. WIEWIK says:

    you must have a Show

  9. sikuma says:

    im stuck after getting the battery now wher i go?

  10. sikuma says:

    hey i finally finish it

  11. Shay says:

    how do i get the battery in the room with the ghost and the battery
    inside the room behind the plant.

  12. COLDWARKID says:

    the fact of the matter is this game is very fun but sometimes if you let go of the click im using a lap top so it is annoying when you accidentally click fast to drag things out of your inventory and it makes an error ps. id mess that lil demon guy up haha

  13. christine says:

    how do you speak french ? why cant this game be english? gosh

  14. Ari says:

    I’ve tried 10 different sites and on each one it’s been in french, I don’t think they’ve done an english version for this one yet.

  15. perv says:

    how do i put out all those frickin candles?

  16. spencer718 says:

    How do you put the ingreatients in the coldaren as soon as you try to drag the ingreatients into the coldren the ingreatients pop up and you cant drag it? help!

  17. annemarie says:

    how do u put out all the candles n e ideas?

  18. roby romania says:

    where are the F***G ingredients

  19. anonymous says:

    How to turn off the candles in the candle stand?

  20. joshua says:

    where is gargoyle room where we found?

  21. sadiq says:

    when you have the ingredients give to dog then put him in fireplace

  22. princess_lyn17 says:

    what room should i go into to put candles on each dark figure.. i cant put candles in there..!!!

  23. rachel says:

    it won’t load

  24. Kkeeiirraa says:

    how do you stop that knitting contraption!!!???!!!! i tried everything! i put the cauldrin/ dogr there like chichi said, but it wont work! and that stupid devil thing keeps coming up and making me restart!! someone tell me how to do it!!! DOWN TO THE LAST DETAIL SO IT ACTUALLY MAKES SENSE!!! PLEASE!!

  25. avory says:

    who the hell is padlock chichi?

  26. 239 baby jay says:

    to stop the sewing contraption you take the lock from under the fridge in the kitchen.Then you throw it in the gears and grab the battery.

  27. caz says:

    What are the difference in the pictures??there’s the touge at the pot the broom the moon the star the pumpkins and the bat…What else??

  28. Chubacabra says:

    wat are the difrences in the room with the witch picture

  29. chuckyboy says:

    now i can sleep because i am done with this…
    good night…
    if that happens to me i know what to do…
    that will not happen…

  30. Arvi says:

    Thanks a lot chichi!!!

  31. abran says:

    where is the padlock in the knitting machine

  32. gfdgfdgfdg says:

    Thanks for help! :P

  33. gfdgfdgfdg says:

    the padlock si on the fridge!!!1

  34. wendy says:

    how many differences are there?

  35. When’s the English version coming out? Or has it come out?

  36. Kathi & Karina says:

    How do we put out the fire?
    We can’t drag drool into cauldron because we don’t get that stupid thing in front of that gargoyle-shit.
    Please help us!! We’re desperate

    Greets from Tyrol

  37. m says:

    where is the kitchen?

  38. andreea says:

    gosh , I put all those candles but i never got the candle thing. I tried it like a million times . can someone help me??????????????????????????????????????

  39. andreea says:

    I can’t believe it I tried like 10 wbsites and I still have the problem with the candle

  40. andreea says:

    i can’t get the candle wax please help

  41. andreea says:

    do you have to turn off the candles or turn them on ?

  42. bramma says:

    good selection

  43. anushka says:

    turn all the candle off !!! just by clicking it …….

  44. aayushi says:

    thanks chichi!!!

  45. anushka says:

    turn off all the candles !!! just by clicking it ….

  46. Kyle says:

    i got stuck at the Show

  47. Woo says:

    Andreea, since no one seems to be able or willing to be help you, and I’m pretty sure you know you have to click the candles to turn them off, if you’re in the candle scene and you have candles lit up all over, click out of it and then click back in. The only candles that should be lit up are the middle ones. Click the bottom one, the top one and then the middle one and the candles should be turned off and you can collect the candle wax. If you still can’t do this, go to youtube and it will give you a demonstration, just type in Nightmares episode 5. Hope this helped.

  48. kitsunegirl19 says:

    Man is this series awesome! I always have alot of fun doing them! to bad this one is in french though T_T I can’t wait for this one to come out in english and for there to be more!

  49. CoCo PuFf says:

    Hi i am on episode 5 and i need help i got the potion and the candles but i dont no what to do with it. i dont know if anyone has finished it yet but do you know it took me three days to figure out it was in french anywhoo please get back to me Edit:****

  50. CoCo PuFf says:

    Never mind you guys thanks CHI CHI you is beastin cant wait for #6 to come out in plain ENGLISH!!!