Orbox C

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Orbox C is a challenging Puzzle game from Gamezhero developed by Arsniy Shkljaev and Nikolay Davydov, featuring 30 levels with varied missions.

Levels will require you to move your block to the exit, detonate bombs, collect stars, and complete other missions.

When you push your block, it will move in one direction until it is stopped by a wall.

The level will reset if the block moves off the screen.

Throughout the game’s 30 levels, you will come across various objects, such as bumpers, portals, disappearing blocks, and interlocking block pieces.

Have fun!

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By White Wolf

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One Comment to Orbox C

  1. Toxic says:

    This reminds me of Cyadonia/Cyad, which long term users of this site may remember… they also may remember my obsession with that game ;-)