Another Box of Hotcorn

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Another Box of HotcornAnother Box of HotcornThree weeks only after the release of Hotcorn, Stephen Harris brings us a sequel!

“We listened to some of the criticisms of Hotcorn and we’ve responded by making even more of the same. That said, we’ve added a much needed normal and hard difficulty levels, made the fireman move a bit snappier, and generally tried to make the levels less hard and more fun” the author said.

Your goal here is still to cook and pop as many pop corn pieces as you can in the time allowed. Get the minimum needed to pass each level.

Is this sequel better than the original? Let us know what you think.

Have fun!

Update: Another Box of Hotcorn walkthrough in comment #61 (thanks Taurus!)

By Eric

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  1. MiZz RaNdoM says:


    lmao!!! luv your name! anyways to beat level 22..
    it seems hard.. but if you Show

    you only have like 0.9 to do this so thats how i beat it. i was trying to add a pic but i dont think it would work..
    hell i’ll try anyways!!

  2. chickadee says:

    ahh it didn’t work X(

    oh btw DEMI. im chickadee and MiZz RaNdOm.. and i meant to say thats how you beat 31. sry

  3. chickadee says:


    i just figured out something while i was playing HOTCORN LEVEL 22 except this time the hard level.. and OMG!! all ya have to do is go down into the bottom left corner and get all the seeds!! there is EXACTLY 30! then you win! wow i didn’t know that level was so easy!! XD

  4. Mary says:

    level 49


  5. Mary says:

    level 50


  6. james says:

    How do you Get the shirt and the clover

  7. ME says:

    How do you do 23.

  8. chaos24 says:

    How do you beat level 16? anyone

  9. aj says:

    er that window lvl how do you do that 1

  10. z says:

    number 24, i dont get it theres no seeds on the side

  11. marilia says:

    number 21 is so hard for me (on easy :p)

  12. marilia says:

    level 10


  13. marilia says:

    what i meant to say was

    level 21


  14. TyffyC says:

    Is there any way possible to beat level 31.3 Three Little Pigs? Help will be very much appreciated

  15. TyffyC says:

    Number 46
    grab the ice ball and quickly go thru the butter maze and pop the seed. By turning into the ice you wont stick to the butter causing there to be an easy way thru

  16. Matthew says:

    I know I’m noob but, for lvl 9.. Which type of hotcorn are we supposed to pop first?

  17. Moique says:

    For the clover you have to find a clover in one of the levels. You can’t control what level it is in, it will be in a random level.

  18. MS. MBZ says:


  19. Garf says:

    level 31, 3 little pigs:

    >117, Moique, the green only slows you down, so you should try to avoid those.

    >118, MS. MBZ you have to be fast for that one, REALLY FAST!

  20. Garf says:

    OK, Seriously, IS it possible to get the clover? I have played it through like 20 times now, Completed MORE than 1000 levels and not a single sight of that bloody clover!

  21. Matthew says:

    Alright, those who need help with lvl 37.

    I got 97.4% using this method.

  22. Matthew says:


  23. krishaant says:

    HELP ME!!!!!!! HOW DO U DO LEVL 34 (FIRE BLIND)??????? cuz wen the gas cans blow up, the clock freezer thingy blows up 2; & i cant get in there w/o setting off the gas cans, can i???? do i just have 2 be really fast & forget bout the clock freezer??? or do i actually need it????? HHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. krishaant says:

    NEVR MIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST BEAT 34!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!

  25. krishaant says:

    k, now im stuk on 41(elevator)

    THE TIME JUST KEEPS RUNNING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Doozy says:

    I really need help on 23…

  27. Kaede Ayase says:

    im stuck on level 37(Leaky Roof) T T……..

  28. lalala says:


  29. Arnica_Ross says:

    I can not, for the life of me get past 47 “high fat” Can some help me with the route I need to take?

  30. google says:

    l need help on level 35 overtake 2

  31. Charity says:

    please help on level 16

  32. phoenix says:

    yay i just finished the game!
    level 49 and 50 wernt so bad, once you figure them out.
    can anyone tell me what level they got the lightning award on?
    i have all except the lightning and clover awards.

  33. phoenix says:

    for level 50. its quiet easy.


  34. phoenix says:

    for level 34 “fireblind”:


    level 42 “Limbaland”:


    hope this helps!

  35. sarasanity? WTF says:

    level 35 HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. meg says:

    i cant do level 35!!!
    its the Overtake ll

  37. someone says:


  38. olivia says:

    PLEASE help me do level 23 am i just too slow or is there a technique ive been at it for 15 mins now and its 10 past 3 in the morning

  39. steph says:

    level 26 anyone

    i just cant do it!!

  40. michelle says:

    how do you do levl. 25 i usually beat it but then i start losing

  41. sarah says:

    omg level 21 is so hard and fusttrating….i keep on getting the time thing but i always hit the wall and it says game over :[

  42. Jeremy says:

    HOW DO U BEAT 49!!!!!!?????? sombody tell me

  43. shara says:

    how do u beat lvl 23

  44. shara says:

    plzz!!!!!!!!! help me i really need it now i cant ever get it ive ben on it for almost 2 hours so plz help me i *beggin* u 4 help

  45. tyson says:

    need help will level 49(castle)

  46. Lovelystar12 says:

    On 23 try to take your time and you’ll get it eventually.I got it.But don’t go too slow.

  47. Lovelystar12 says:

    Also I noticed that the time goes slower when you collect popcorn non stop.

  48. JAKERI says:


  49. Blayce says:

    Help with Level 33 PLEASE?!
    Do you just have to not go through the butter or something?

  50. terence says:

    level 23…any one plz help