Portal: The Flash Version

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Portal: The Flash VersionPortal: The Flash VersionPortal is a first person action/puzzle video game developed by Valve. The game consists of a series of puzzles that must be solved by teleporting the player’s character and other simple objects using a single handheld device, with the goal of getting to an objective point.

Portal: The Flash Version is a 2D adaptation of the original game; created by the team behind WeCreateStuff, the game features 40 challenging portal thinking levels, including energy balls, cubes, turrets and even the famous crusher from the trailer.

You control your character with the mouse and keyboard. Click the left mouse button to launch a portal, use the AWD keys or the arrow keys to move and jump, and press F to pick up an object.

Portal: The Flash Version is a very good adaptation of Portal, and even with a few bugs here and there, this is still an amazing work that is definitely worth the trip!

Have fun!

Update: Portal: The Flash Version video walkthrough!

By Eric

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  1. ratchet and clank 529 says:


  2. EvulOrange says:


    The other solution on here are horrible, but I figured it out myself. Here’s the easiest way to beat this level…


  3. Drool says:

    Hoe do u get past 13?????

  4. baaa baaa black sheep says:

    13 please my cat is smart she can’t figure it out

  5. blah says:

    im stuck on lvl 32 :(

    • strawberie says:

      i don’t know that’s what im stuck on too, any help please :( :( :( :( :( :(

      • PeterS says:


  6. dragon says:

    how to do level 93 ???i cant do it

  7. KailaTerrace says:

    OK, I don’t wanna sound dumb, but I can’t figure out lvl. 13! It’s so hard and I keep getting burnt to bits!Thank You!Show

  8. Jayisdabest8 says:

    there are 40 lvls

  9. Ilana says:

    level 13 is easy Show

    btw theres 40 levels.

    • alga says:

      Hey, I followed your instructions, but even with perfect timing (blue turns off just before I land on it) I am able to reach 2/3 of the distance before I die… Somehow I don’t run fast enough?

  10. Ilana says:

    hayy for the solution on level 15 i cant land on the zapper it wont go far enough. wat shud i do? helpp! :(

  11. ssss says:

    lvl 9 please xD

  12. crisdan says:

    how bout 36?? does any one know?

  13. john smith says:

    i need help on 36…
    anyone know how to beat it?

  14. R0ckk says:

    lvl8 please?

  15. Rhys says:

    go on youtube and look at the vids for those levels

  16. abadoon says:

    i completed 36 it was easy but 37 is totally impossible :)
    i just wont get that damn energy ball to the receiver :(

  17. Kenny says:

    anyone know how to pass 15 level?

  18. Shadow says:

    i`m stuck on 96,someone help,pls

  19. caca says:

    im stuck on level 9

  20. jj says:

    im stuck on level 6
    can ainyone help?

  21. timbo says:

    this game is addicting, hopefully I’m honing my problem solving skills. I’m on level 35, which is stupid-frustrating. just a test of speed, not brains.

  22. jeremy says:

    LVL 24???????

  23. Darren says:

    level 9 plzzz

  24. john says:

    i cant beat 21

  25. Destiny says:

    How do you pass level 23

  26. Vicky says:

    how do you levitate a cube using your ashpd. i tried everything but all da buttons i [pressed didnt help. it doesnt give you any instructions. Is this just a bug? I can’t levitate the cube at all. stuck on lvl 30. I know how to do it but i cant get past without levitating the cube. HELP!

  27. tayles101 says:

    does anybody no how 2 complete level 6

  28. bb says:

    Help on lvl 9 pls

  29. cassie taylor says:

    how do u get past level 6

  30. n00b_tard01 says:

    im stuck on level 9 >.<

  31. enzerukage says:

    I can’t get past level 6…. Yeah I know, I’m stupid but still someone please help me.