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GraviteeGraviteeGravity is basically a golf-in-space game, making use of real world Newtonian Physics.

Created by Funkypear, this game will remind you of Galactic Gravity Golf, another game with a similar concept.

Your goal here is to get the little ball from one planet through a hoop located on another planet. Click the ball and hold your left button down to aim your shot and set the power (the longer the green arrow, the harder the hit) and then release the button to hit the ball.

With 10 different 9-hole courses, 20 unlockables and 20 achievements to complete, here is another addictive puzzle game that should keep you busy for a while!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.33


9 Comments to Gravitee

  1. .*. says:

    I think this game is pretty cool, but it would be really neat if the screen were able to zoom out so as to show the ball at all times. Of course that would require some sort of scaling effects, as seen in some fighting games like Smash Brothers. Otherwise, I think that this game is very similar to real golf: incredibly frustrating when things don’t go as planned, and immensely satisfying when things go better than you had anticipated.

  2. unseeablething says:

    i wants a walkthrough

  3. Josh says:

    Done! I love it. All achievements.
    I played on my breaks and took notes of my best shots. If you use the background to guide the arrow and watch your shot intensity then it makes pretty good sense.
    Well, as far as golf balls bouncing off of planets kind of sense.

  4. lopeax says:

    NEED a walkthrough, please post one

  5. Snowman says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… had fifteen achievements and all my data was lost…

  6. Kristine6475 says:

    I have all of the achievements except for the 3000km “Longest Putt”… I don’t know how to get ittt!!!

  7. joe says:

    guys, the long putt needs to be a putt that goes THROUGH the hole, not just goes that long distance! I figured that one out yesterday XD

  8. eric says:

    i’ve got all the achievements except a gold in the master’s cup, those stars are just too frustrating-any hints would be appreciated!

  9. Arvedui says:

    @Kristine: There’s a good opportunity to get a 3000km putt in the first level of the GH Cup, Show

    It’ll probably take a lot of experimentation to get it exactly right, but it can be done!