Coolbuddy – Noir Escape: Final

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Noir Escape: Final is a Room Escape game from Coolbuddy by Tomisfav Poahraski.

Your a private eye trapped inside the enemy’s office.

Look for clues and solve puzzles to escape!

Have fun!

By White Wolf

current rating 3.76


3 Comments to Coolbuddy – Noir Escape: Final

  1. jonhk says:

    very good!!

  2. Me2 says:

    Pretty easy, I thought the puzzle behind the picture would be much harder :)

  3. Andy says:

    One note (no spoiler): if you hover over the More Games banner in the lower left, a little banner will slide up that has an X in it that you can click to make it all go away. Then you can see your items unobstructed.

    Also, there’s a brightness icon near the music icon that will make the screen lighter and easier to see.