Submachine 8: The Plan

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Submachine 8 – The Plan, the eighth installment in the most popular Room Escape series ever created, is finally live!

“Plot: although for a large part unknown, it is known that we are following Murtaugh to Layer 5 through his karma portal and that Mur is after the ones who buried him alive inside the lighthouse of Kent.

The title could reference Mur’s plan for the Subnet, Liz’s plan for Mur, or the Subnet’s plan for the intruders (whatever those plans might be). Also it could be a plan to get the Player out of the Subnet for good.”

Have fun!

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By Eric

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15 Comments to Submachine 8: The Plan

  1. Shrike says:

    Finished it, but only found one of the eight secret items.
    It’s fairly straightforward, but still delightfully atmospheric.

    Now, just have to wait for Submachine 9. In 2013. Darn.

  2. dg says:

    If you’re confused by the passages between “alternate universes”, or whatever they are, here’s a simple explanation: Show

  3. Daestarr1 says:

    I got 2 of the secret items, I’m gonna be replaying this one for a while, I’m determined to get those other 6 secret items without any help. So worth the year long wait for it. Now I’m chomping at the bit for 9!

  4. MiniTaurus says:

    help @@

  5. dg says:

    Couldn’t figure out the levers until I saw there’s a plan for them that I missed. See WT here

  6. Em says:

    Yes, finally a new game! Loooong waiting!

  7. Ed says:

    Can’t find the Show


    Any clue for me?

    • Joh says:


  8. Joh says:


  9. Joh says:

    Secret 1

    Secret 2

    Secret 3

    Secret 4

    Secret 5

    I found this secret item walkthrough on JIG

  10. Anny Mouso says:

    Did anyone Show