Tomatea – Sunflow

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After Tropicool, here is Sunflow, the latest Room Escape game from Tomatea.

Have fun!

Sunflow walkthrough (thanks Reka!)

By Eric

current rating 4.39


7 Comments to Tomatea – Sunflow

  1. Me2 says:

    I always enjoy these, nice logical games.

  2. Reka says:


  3. dg says:

    Not too difficult, but requires careful observation, and some thought. Managed on my own. Excellent game!

    • hilman says:

      indeed, i figured out the clues for left-right button and 4×4 buttons trial and error by myself, since there’s no clue at all, lol..
      but it’s still nice to have logical game like this :D

      • Lizzy says:

        Left/Right button clue Show

        4×4 button clue Show

        Or atleast thats what worked for me.

      • Reka says:

        Lizzy, for the 4×4 buttons, Show

        Also, I’m not quite satisfied with the Show

      • hilman says:

        that’s what i tried to say before.. lol
        how do we know exactly that a=black, b=white vice versa, and blue=left, pink=right.. i think it’s our experience on solving lots of room escape games before that helps us here.. but for the novice who plays this game for the first time, i think they will have difficulties in understanding those clues anyway.. :D