Georganism 2

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Georganism 2 is the sequel to the Physics based Platform game, Georganism.

Like before you have to combine and alternate between jelly creatures to explore mysterious islands.

Have fun!

By White Wolf

current rating 3.75

6 Comments to Georganism 2

  1. sandra says:

    Hung up ever time at level 6 Show

  2. Gissa says:

    Yeah, same here. Buggy game, would be fun otherwise.

  3. Toxic says:

    6 is the only level I can’t complete, and I’ve tried everything I can to get round the glitch… I even checked the walkthrough to see if I’d missed something but that is the only way to go (and it worked fine in the video)

  4. Toxic says:

    And I’ve opened up all the islands but not been given the trophies for 3 and 4…

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