Bloons Player Pack 2

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Bloons Player Pack 2Bloons Player Pack 2Here it is! Stephen Harris, the creator of the Bloons series, has just released a second compilation of levels created by players, thanks to the level editor integrated in Bloons World.

This Player Pack 2 contains 50 levels created by fans from all around the world; as mentioned by the author, “there are some nasty levels in here that might take more than a couple of tries to pass”.

I have no doubt that some fans are already looking forward to playing the PP3!

Have fun!

Update: Bloons Player Pack 2 Video walkthrough (thanks TimmyOtool!)

By Eric

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495 Comments to Bloons Player Pack 2

  1. rockstar250 says:

    how do you do level 20?!
    its like impossiblee.

    • Angel says:

      HIt The Bomb To Your Right first. then get the thing on your top right .. then use the pacman to get the balloons under the thing then get the other pacmanShow

  2. rockstar250 says:

    okay, everyone is saying that for 20, you have to hit a bomb and spikes or whatever,
    where are the spikes and bomb?!

  3. Emma..x says:

    i done 12 but lyk i have 1 shot and i got most the bombs except the right ones how do i get all of them..when the bombs explode it takes one of the baloons that connect together but it does not touch any of the other ones to get the other three…Help…!!!

    • coolgirlsrock says:

      Well go to main menu and there is an option to have unlimited darts click on that option at the bottler of the page and u’ll get though to finish the game

  4. joe says:

    that dusnt help 4 47 i still cnt do it

  5. evil dart shooting monkey somewhat lover says:

    sharon u ROCK those screenshots really helped i FINALLY got past level 47 thnx again

  6. Resee's Cup says:

    OK how do u do number 48 i want to rip my hair out!!!! i need a full walkthrough!

  7. Razzy says:

    how do you do #24?

  8. Razzy Roo says:


  9. ellie says:

    anyone help me with 27?

  10. JUSTIN says:

    uhm how i do 44. mikzu if you can maybe post a vid on how to do your method I cant get the top right laser.

  11. Helene says:

    47 must-see right here…


    I’ve tried it 4-5 times after ive got it first time, and now i can keep do it :D

    (sorry for my english, i’m danish :D)

  12. lvl 18 is hard………..

  13. Ole says:

    Lvl 47 3-dart solution Show

  14. Gloria says:

    i need help on 19

  15. Tammy says:

    27- Show

  16. katieaaron says:

    omg level 30 we’ve been on this for ages…how do u take the ice balloons out aswel as normal balloons with one dart?

  17. ben says:

    help i cant get pass level 24 please help

  18. abby says:

    gawd i kant get 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. ben says:

    38 plz

  20. ilovebob says:

    anyone??? 44 plz!

  21. Larly says:

    40 heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp

  22. PJ says:

    I know how to do lvl 25 its just that its taking me about 20 minutes so far!!! Any suggestions for power/location of all 3 shots?

  23. Brian says:

    for 42 you have to Show

  24. izzie says:

    I NEED LEVEL 28!!


  25. ;erfe says:

    how do you beat 43

  26. ek@j says:

    27 is impossible

  27. ek@j says:

    41s hard

  28. ed says:

    Help on 48?

  29. meggle says:

    please help on 21?

  30. ron says:

    how do u do the infininte dart cheat ???

  31. Jemzx says:

    Omg i still cant do level 47 even after doing what all you say !

  32. igiveubjifuhelp says:

    level 13???? please

  33. ellen says:

    how do u do level 24

  34. John says:

    hey i need help on level 47! its kinda impossible :S can anyone help me? Edit:****

  35. Kado says:

    phase 3 Level 30!!!!!! HELP

  36. Lol 4 U says:

    does any one have a Full Walkthrough… Oh by the way if any 1 needs 20 you have to Show

  37. i heart (bloons) says:

    how do u do level 42, weigh scale im confused. Edit:****

  38. Nooooo says:

    Help! I am at level 47 but i cant start it!!

  39. 4lfklover says:

    how do u do 24 plz i need help!!!


    help!!!!!!!!!! im stuck on level 21! i hit the pacman balloon, and it only goes left and right!? i dont know what to do :S

  41. lolz670 says:

    i solved number 20 .
    you have to shoot the bomb first then the spike bomb .:)

  42. Marrisa Lindley says:

    How do you freakin’ do number 24!?!?! I’m gonna rip my hair out with this level!!! *beep* *beep*