Bigdino – Awesome Tanks 2

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Awesome Tanks 2 is a sequel to the fast pace Shooter Awesome Tanks from BigDino created by Alexander Gette.

You need three hands to shoot, drive, and grab treasure!

Use the funds to upgrade your tank with a wide variety of longer lasting awesomeness!

Have fun!

By White Wolf

current rating 4.17


One Comment to Bigdino – Awesome Tanks 2

  1. lgw says:

    Level 5 and level 8 have secret hidden compartments, each with 2 crates in. Level 5 is behind the grey spawner/tower in the top right-hand corner – shoot the wall. Level 8 is low down on the left-hand wall. May be others, but I’ve not found them.

    Weapons – suggest concentrating on Minigun, then Shotgun, then Cannon, and finally Rockets. The cannon is the best weapon, but use the rockets for the odd fixed gun emplacement.