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LaunchballLaunchballLaunchball is a new physics-based puzzle game created by the folks at Preloaded (do you remember CDX?) for the Science Museum in London to promote their new Launchpad gallery that will open its doors on Saturday 24 November.

The object here is to use different type of blocks and place them on the grid so that when the ball is released, it will reach the “goal”.

Each type of blocks has its own characteristics. To display them at the bottom of the game window, simply move your mouse over a block. The blocks available to complete each level are located in the bottom left corner of the game window. Click and drag them on the grid, and then click the test button to see the result.

Similar to games like The Incredible Machine, Crazy Machines or Blueprint, Lauchball is nicely designed and features 30 stages, 29 types of blocks, 3 levels of difficulty and a level editor that allows you to create and share your own levels!

Have fun!

Update: Launchball got dugg and you may experience some downtimes. If so, please come back later.

Update 2: “Sorry! Launchball has been a bit of a victim of its own success – we have had to take it down temporarily. Watch this space…” That’s what you can read now on the game’s page. So again, please come back later!

Update 3: 10-05-07 – Launchball is live – again!

By Eric

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83 Comments to Launchball

  1. Emma says:

    Orite… just finished reflect perfect! thanks Crobus & Testo =D

  2. haha says:

    But… there are only 29 lvls!!!!!!!!

  3. NetMonster says:

    Conveyor layers can also be beat with only one slant ;)

  4. Bajsepolade says:

    ive gone trough all the levels without walktrough EXEPT the very last 2 levels.. havent tried the last one yet.. i really dont have the patience to make the “Reflect Perfect” one! it makes me crazy xD heeeelp lol

  5. jaguar says:

    the only one i havent seen a spoiler for is the only one i cant get on my own – light maze in th extras. HELP i’ve wasted 3 hours trying to figure it out

  6. crandles says:

    Looking for new / extra levels ?

    Where do you find codes?

    Try here!
    After entering your level in the competition (deadline 10 December 2007) why not send to yourself and post the code you receive here.

  7. kkjy says:

    i need help on sneaky 10 a bridge too far. anyone know how to finish it once and for all?

  8. ME says:

    me too i really cant figure out the light maze!!! and that walkthrough has like all of them except for the light maze!!!

  9. David says:

    the mirror and slopes aren’t rotating

  10. Lajm says:

    “The Light Maze”: Saw some ppl asking for it and don’t seem to be in the walkthoughs:


  11. berly says:

    I can’t seem to get the top conveyor belt in “vending machine” to work?????

  12. myles says:

    i need help with the bridge too far!

  13. Aaron says:

    i need help on light fantastic! please help me!

  14. Marky says:

    Just sussed Th Light Maze out yee has took me 25 mins tho

  15. fqg says:

    its easy you put the one mirror in the thrid or forth box up facing the flat side in the mirror itll reflect and then u will get it!

  16. jack says:

    im only 10 and ive done every level on tricky,sneaky and crafty.

    but on crafty im stuck on reflect perfect its like impossible and dream machine

  17. Poo Face says:

    I dont know the slant for Light Fantastic and the walkthrogh don’t work!!!

  18. Lballlver says:

    i know how to do light fantastic
    u just gotta use one mirror and make sure it hits the thing to make the fans go
    then u click the hint forand the clue appears leave it there for 3 seconds and there u go
    u done light fantastic

  19. hubba says:

    how the crap do you do reflect Perfect!!!!!!!!!!! urggg i finished all the other ones omg!!!

  20. Christian says:

    If anyone wants to save a map, use this code:

  21. Laura says:


  22. Some Random Guy says:

    a bridge too far



  23. Some Random Guy says:



  24. Whey i did refect perfect! says:

    Hello,On youtube ive done refelt perfect my name is straystorm and it should be on my vids list.

  25. Bella says:

    Light fantastic:


  26. 20levelsdown says:

    for light fantastic you put the first mirror in the middle and the second second square to the top on the left and you test it then you bring up the hint in the middle of the test or else it wont work

  27. Steff says:

    okay, i know i figured it out a fe months ago, but im totally stuck on “the volcano”! i have built a ramp up,a n tried it a few ways, butthe ball just endsup falling downt he the generater! how do i do it?

    • ismellxx says:

      4 De Volcano, do 3 forward conveyor belts and den put de diagonal ones in a straight line from dere. It should all fall into de right place!

  28. josiee x says:

    i need help with reflect perfect PLEASE i’ve spent 6 whole hours on it with no success. :'(

  29. JP says:

    How do you complete Dream Maze!!

  30. Hey says:

    Put the put the triangle 1 up from the ball dont know what direction but tri every 1 then when the fans start push hint for a while and ur done REALLY ‘WORKS ITS AMASIN

  31. slushy123 says:

    how do u do light fantastic