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LaunchballLaunchballLaunchball is a new physics-based puzzle game created by the folks at Preloaded (do you remember CDX?) for the Science Museum in London to promote their new Launchpad gallery that will open its doors on Saturday 24 November.

The object here is to use different type of blocks and place them on the grid so that when the ball is released, it will reach the “goal”.

Each type of blocks has its own characteristics. To display them at the bottom of the game window, simply move your mouse over a block. The blocks available to complete each level are located in the bottom left corner of the game window. Click and drag them on the grid, and then click the test button to see the result.

Similar to games like The Incredible Machine, Crazy Machines or Blueprint, Lauchball is nicely designed and features 30 stages, 29 types of blocks, 3 levels of difficulty and a level editor that allows you to create and share your own levels!

Have fun!

Update: Launchball got dugg and you may experience some downtimes. If so, please come back later.

Update 2: “Sorry! Launchball has been a bit of a victim of its own success – we have had to take it down temporarily. Watch this space…” That’s what you can read now on the game’s page. So again, please come back later!

Update 3: 10-05-07 – Launchball is live – again!

By Eric

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83 Comments to Launchball

  1. Maddiness says:

    Not working O.o

  2. Maddiness says:

    And yay, first

  3. ... says:


  4. Neily says:

    It’s back…

  5. Duero says:

    The hints in this game are so meaningless.

  6. Eric says:

    Neily – Thanks to point this out! I’ve move the post to the top of the front page…

  7. Emma says:

    Most of these hints don’t help at all! One i got said:


    i mean… what is that meant to tell you??…

  8. NetMonster says:

    Has anybody done “For Pete’s Sake” or “Pick ‘n’ mix” from the extras? “Pick ‘n’ mix” only gives you two pieces and I don’t think it can work o.O

  9. NetMonster says:

    OK I’ve done all the extras except “Pick ‘n’ mix”. I’m sure it’s impossible!

  10. Tom says:


    im pretty damn sure that ‘Light Fantastic’ is IMPOSSIBLE! ive clocked 32:45 so far and ive tryed every possible placement of the mirrors, the angle is TOO DODGY on the torch!

  11. t22 says:

    Aghhh ‘Light Fantastic’ is so frustrating.

  12. Polpo says:

    finally got ‘Light Fantastic’ if you want it here’s a hint:


  13. Rev says:

    So far I got every one.I stuck on two of the extras. Pick N Mix is literally impossible. There is no way to beat that.

  14. crobus says:

    a second hint for “Light Fantastic”:

  15. crobus says:

    I also solved every puzzle – with the exception of Pick N Mix. Maybe there is an error in it???

  16. Rev says:

    ok finally got past For Petes Sake. I gave up on Pick N Mix.

  17. Aislyn says:

    Can anyone get number 8 on Crafty? It’s called Reflect Perfect, and I’ve been trying for hours to get it. Seems impossible to align all the mirrors properly…

  18. Rosie says:

    how do you do Light Fantastic? i used the hint and i still cant get it

  19. Emma says:

    Aha… thanks Tom =] that really helped! =D

  20. Crobus says:

    Aislyn, for “Reflect Perfect”, the very same hint as for “Light Fantastic” applies:

  21. Crobus says:

    Rosie, for Light Fantastic

  22. V00D00 says:

    Where is the 30th level?
    I played 10 in Tricky, 10 in Sneaky, and 9 in Crafty and that’s all it’s showing me.

  23. crobus says:

    Hi all,
    I created one launchball account just to share self-created levels under “egal294reek”. I also created two levels to play around with the system: I guess that “Magneto” is easy but “Flying in Danger” is maybe relatively difficult…
    Feel free to add new levels there.

  24. ando says:

    how do u do the conveyor one???? the hint doesnt help at all…

  25. Hk says:

    Do you mean that one with the loads of +-shaped battery/copper-blobs?

    I just created a little conveyor-construction to move the ball over the first + at the lower part of the screen.
    After that, I placed the 4 fans at the bottom of the screen (the first: 1 tile above the bottom of the screen, the other 3 at the bottom of the screen) and made them blow to the upper right, towards the goal.
    At the goal, I placed all 4 e-magnets. 1 went into the upper right corner, 1 to the left of that, 1 one tile below it, 1 two tiles below it. default values for them.

    that did it for me. The ball was pulled over the first +-shape, blown into heavens and pulled into the goal.

  26. GF Brendever says:

    Can’t get past Lights and Mirrors…

  27. Rev says:

    Crobus. Nice levels. 1st one was ez the flying in danger took me a minute to get that ball to go the way I wanted it. I got it though.

  28. crobus says:

    Rev, I am happy to keep you busy for at least one minute :o)
    However, I experienced some problems with the level builder. Sometimes, objects can not be moved or removed from the field once placed… :o(

  29. liinin says:

    me stuck on the hairdryer

  30. crobus says:

    liinin, there are often other potential uses of blocks rather than their original intended one – to say it more directly Show

  31. luke says:

    i need help on the loop the loop one PLZ ANYONE HELP

  32. Pick n mix was impossible – sorry.

    If anyone has created any good new levels (in the create and share section), post your links here. (You can get a link to your level by sending it to yourself from within the game).

  33. Eric says:

    I’m stuck on “At the checkout”. Please help

  34. luke says:

    ok i got past loop the loop but i need help on the “at the checkout” level

  35. Katy says:

    how do i get passed the train?

  36. Crobus says:

    Eric & Luke, for “at the checkout”,

  37. ftw says:

    i cant do it’s a breeze and the volcano, plz somone help me?

  38. Emma says:

    Hey… im wondering if anyone can help me on Reflect Perfect…? cos im stumped! =D

  39. Cha says:

    The mirrors in Reflect Perfect are driving me crazy!! Help?!

  40. Josh says:

    At the Checkout question:


  41. crobus says:

    josh, you simply place them and click on the little triangle on the bottom left corner…

  42. crobus says:

    Cha & Emma, for “Reflect Perfect”, there are actually several solutions possible – at least two ;o)
    but my solution Show

  43. mookie says:


  44. mookie says:

    now im stuck on the volcano

  45. testo says:

    Reflect Perfect

  46. Flola says:

    does anyone know how to do Dream Machine on Launchball? It’s on Crafty

  47. I made a little walkthrough / spoiler page for launchball. It has screenshots of all levels as they are complete. Click my name.

  48. ftw says:

    can i have an answer for It’s a breeze?