Inkagames – Obama in the Dark

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Obama in the Dark is the latest Point’n’click Adventure game from Inkagames.

Obama goes on a dangerous mission to investigate the strange events that are occurring in an abandoned mansion.

Have fun!

By White Wolf

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41 Comments to Inkagames – Obama in the Dark

  1. SleepyStudent says:

    totem, ruby, flashlight, wrench, note and picture.
    Not 20min in and I’m stuck :(

  2. Jonhk says:

    i can’t find the pompon…. where is it??

  3. goldie says:


  4. destiny says:

    how do you enter the room with the guyswith the statues i put them in the correct order but there not showing the passage

    • Ed says:

      There is a mistake in the picture. You have to put the Show

      • SleepyStudent says:

        It’s not really a mistake Show

      • Ed says:

        yes, I know, and if I’m not terrible mistaken the solution is still wrong. Since I didn’t finish it the last time I’ll take another look at it later.

      • Ed says:

        Nope, it’s the game that is wrong. This time matching the pic as is worked, (not seeing it from from the other side which would be logical). Ha…

      • hilman says:

        actually it’s a mirror image ;)

  5. Ed says:

    Mmh. Mixed the neutralizer dust but now stuck with clown and the guy I assume I need some carving to get rid of him. Any hint, please?

  6. foxy says:

    How do i neutralise the power of the symbol?

  7. 567plolpl says:

    im stuck that padlock in the garden

    • ashkan says:

      go south from the skeleton then open the wooden door with your crowbar the activate it with the wrench after that go back you will find a key in the bowl that will open the keypad good luck!!!

  8. Ilovethewanted says:

    how do you get the pompom and open the door and get rid of the gargoyle?

  9. devilishD says:

    how do you get the pompom? please answer!

  10. Ms.BEAUTY says:

    at what part of the book shelf do you place the fake book.

  11. kaviya says:

    where do u fake book

  12. abby says:

    how do you get through the dark room

  13. werak says:

    how to open pad locks

  14. Q says:

    How do i kill the big black evil ball

  15. me says:

    how do i crack the code for the secert room in the libaray

  16. Jannah says:

    I don’t know how to get through the door that has what the symbols make together. Then i don’t know how to get the pompon! Can anyone help me!?!?!? Please?!?!

  17. roar says:


  18. roar says:

    how do you finish the one with the chandelier

  19. ashkan says:

    how can i get rid of the blue hooded guy in the secret entrance???????

  20. hassan says:

    how to get rid of that clown

  21. altamash says:

    i now hassan how to get rid of it

  22. stupid says:

    So here’s a quickthrough.

    Go left and get crowbar under bed, old paper and picture from left nightstand, wrench and flashlight from right nightstand.

    Go back into garden and down.

    Go right (fountain) and get red diamond. Go south. Open wooden door with crowbar. Use wrench on device.

    Go back to fountain and get key. (To the right is a hatch and a red ghost)

    Go to the house and take totem left from door.

    Go right and use crowbar on grave to get bottle.

    Go back to the hatch with the red ghost and use holy water. Use key on secret tunnel.

    Go down and use flashlight on blue ghost.

    Go right and use red diamond on statue.

    Go right and use totem on triangle and go up
    In kitchen: get matches, crank and grinder

    Go to hallway and get album from knight.

    Go to bedroom (left) and use crank on lower part of clock to get papers. Also pickup gramophone disc and trophy.

    Go back and down and then right (ballroom). Use disc on gramophone. Get two candles and part of a symbol. Also take the mirror. Go up to the garden.

    Get eucalyptus leave right side of statue. Look at second page of album for the code for the chest.

    Get part of a symbol from chest.

    Go to the room left of the ballroom. Get candle. Light all three candles and put them on the floor near ghost statue. Now you can take the pompom ball from the table.

    Go upstairs and use the mirror on the left side.
    Another ghost is gone. Take gargoyles nail from floor. Put the pieces of symbols together and use it on the door.

    Go left into bedroom and give pompon to guy. Take key from chandelier.

    Leave bedroom and go to bathroom. Use crowbar on cb to get fake book.

    Go to the library and turn the heads according to hint in book. (every game different)

    Go right and use fake book on bookcase. Look at chandelier. We need a code. Go up and look at floor for code. Note: the left side is the upper side of chandelier. Go back to chandelier and insert code.

    Now proceed into next room and take carmindust, dagger and medallion

    Go back and follow up to the hall. Go left to studio and use trophy and fireplace. Get music reel and key.

    Go right into music room and use reel on piano. Use key on chest for crown.

    Use key for doors and enter master bedroom. Use crown on statue.

    Put carmindust, eucalyptus and nail in grinder and mix. You get neutralizer dust.

    Put medallion on floor. Enter new room and use dust on black orb. Then quickly get dagger and stab it.

    Watch the end….


    That was fun. :)

  23. meme says:

    which book shelf to put the book on