Trapped – The White Rabbit

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Trapped - The White RabbitTrapped - The White Rabbit“Trapped is an online adventure game in three parts where a man wakes up in an unknown room the morning after his wife Becca left him. When he opens his eyes, he discovers a body lying by his side. Now he’s gotta find out what happened, who’s the dead man, who killed him, where he is and why he’s there. But sorting that out and leaving the house will prove more complicated than it seemed at a first glance”.

Created by Rodrigo Roesler, Trapped – The White Rabbit is the first episode of what appears to be a very promising trilogy. This first part is really polished, has a user friendly interface and a save option.

There is no doubt that Trapped will appeal to many Room EscapePoint’n’Click games fans!

Have fun!

Don’t forget to check out the next two chapters of the Trapped trilogy:

The Dark and The Labyrinth!

Update: Trapped – The White Rabbit walkthrough in comment #8 (thanks Jerre!) 

By Eric

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75 Comments to Trapped – The White Rabbit

  1. BoomBoxer says:

    FIRST! YAY! finally. its 2358 here xD

  2. lauren says:

    lol i have got the wooden block lighter and bottle with key in

  3. pati says:

    I’m stucked

  4. Cassanova says:

    still having trouble I got the picture out of the box, ive got the axe all coins cept the queen i think, and i even have the ice pick/with coal..and a couple memos, tough stuff… =[

  5. pati says:

    got 6 coins, a lighter, some memos, a picture, anabolic steroids, an axe, a broken icepeak\, a brush and a can of soda…

  6. Lesterly says:

    gah! my computer is crazy…. it wont let me move…. grrrr

  7. Lesterly says:

    ummm anyone have a tip 4 queen, glutton,servant or buffoon coins?

  8. Jerre says:

    walkthrough posted on that site:

    NOT my walkthrough:


  9. Animeperse says:

    I’m italian, sorry but my english is terrible:(



    • fluffyLamma says:

      wow that game was great! it took me a couple hours and i used some comments when i was extremely frustrated but finally finished! :D
      im ready for part 2 tmrw :]

  10. Lesterly says:

    look in the comments at the bottom of the game for a walkthrough (#111 i think)

  11. kaces says:

    i need help with the ice pick


  12. Evi says:

    where will i use the soda? in what wall?

  13. joel says:

    outside in between the hole and the right window is a dark patch of paint

  14. joel says:

    HEY EVI does this help

    (post above)

  15. james says:

    were is the hole under the rabbbit statue?

  16. Dustin says:

    good game im really intreaged about the next 2 games ps anyone notise the coments on the game page (the page u play the game on) hardly anyone speaks english not to be rude or anything but WTF

  17. Elizabeth says:

    how do you open the Show

  18. Elizabeth says:

    i don’t know if i’m allowed to post twice in a row or not, sorry if not…
    never mind though about my question, i found the answer in post #9 (thank you!)

  19. BoomBoxer says:

    lurv this game. real cool and doesnt lag one bit. really nice storyline as well.
    the hole under the rabbit statue can only be found Show

    u use the soda Show

    the ice pick and the dust Show

  20. BoomBoxer says:

    sry for the previous comment. smth screwed up??Edit: spoiler tags fixed!
    the hole under the rabbit statue can only be found Show

  21. mr. beer says:

    How do you use the corkscrew with the bottle?

  22. raffal says:

    Hints for coin locations (They’re dumb, i know):
    King: Show

    Servant: Show

    Sick man: Show

    Peasant: Show

    Maid: Show

    Dog: Show

    Queen: Show

    Glutton (fat guy): Show

    Buffoon (jester): Show

    Assassin: Show

  23. Curtis says:

    Why isnt this game loading?

  24. katie says:

    aargh somehow i accidentally got rid of the dining room key and where is the dining room?

  25. james says:

    Ive put all the coins in the right order but theres still no hole

  26. suni says:

    what i have to do whith the clock? or the diari? I have the coin’s but I unknow the order

  27. mr. beer says:

    Have been so dumb… got it

  28. mr. beer says:

    Done it!

  29. otacsaf says:

    Where in the world is the YARD? I have the key but I’m not finding the door.

  30. mr. beer says:

    It is the door in the kitchen

  31. Rev says:

    the game is not working for me

  32. dog says:

    A bit buggy to start with, but well worth the time.

  33. leah says:

    i dont know how to put water in the glass

  34. Emma says:

    I didny even try this game… i dnt like the fact that you cant zoom in on anything… and i dont like the graphics….

  35. NetMonster says:

    That game rocked. I can’t wait for the (two?) sequels.

  36. brionda says:

    where is the hole under the rabbit?

  37. Lola says:


  38. Lola says:

    Nevermind!! i already had it didnt notice

  39. Tonylin says:

    please help me! Here HERE Here…. I have all Show

  40. Tonylin says:

    Its me again plx Reply me! I put all my coins in the wall the clock are in 2 : 15 plx help I dont see any hole!! I have worked on this all the day but nothing happend :( bye… THANKS YOU (GRACIAS)

  41. mikeeee says:

    HOw do i get to the pianao room

  42. Capn P says:

    To Tonylin:


  43. Sweet_Chicky22 says:

    how do I play the pieno?

  44. Rach + Amy + Kate says:

    Where du find the coin of the man behind a curtain if u tell us we’ll tell u where the queen is. NEARLY COMPLETED IT!

  45. Allan says:

    To Rach + Amy + Kate:

    The coin is…


  46. Luis Carlos says:

    for what the clock is?

  47. Jon A says:

    Clock, oh god, I can’t even get to the dining room, what key are we talking about here??

  48. Jon A says:

    Okay now I can’t play the darn piano.

  49. Rey says:

    This is amazing. I will send the spoilers all your way.

  50. marilyn says:

    how do u play the piano? is the code conected to the music box in the living room?
    anybody? plizzzzz :)