Pastel Games – The Fog Fall 4

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The Fog Fall 4 is the latest Point’n’Click Adventure series The Fog Fall created by Pastel Games.

In this edition of the post-apocalyptic hidden object thriller.

It will haunt your dreams as it challenges your imagination.

Have fun!

By White Wolf

current rating 4.73


6 Comments to Pastel Games – The Fog Fall 4

  1. lol says:

    great game

  2. THROUGH says:

    It’s great! And I’m glad that I can make it by myself.

  3. dg says:

    Great game! Managed without help, but it wasn’t easy.

  4. aliceboy says:

    Another excellent, dystopic episode of Fog Fall! It’s a nice, long game, with fairly sensible solutions throughout.

  5. niloo says:

    how can i get the cat?

  6. Niarafresh says:

    Walkthrough anyone (sorry my spoiler tags aren’t working)?
    1. Take the matches
    2. Go left three times and into the building (It say shopping center) and take hazmat suit. Click just left of the doorway and take fishing line and photo
    3. Leave shopping center and go left. Go into butcher shop and take the chess piece on shelf in upper right corner
    4. Leave the butcher shop and go left twice. Go into house and take bandages
    5. Leave the house and go right 3 times to the shopping center. Click near the hanging sign to go to the grocery. Take the can
    6. Leave and go right. Click the white building to go through. Click the door twice to go into police station. Take flashlight and rubber tube
    (If you click the picture with the star on it above the desk you can store your items there if you run out of inventory space…It’s not really necessary though)
    7. Leave the station, back out and go right once. Go inside the building (grey door) and take gloves, chess piece, and newspaper
    8. Leave, back out and go left 3 times to get back to the grocery store. Go right for times and note code on bottom right corner of the wall, AGBFD. You’re gonna want to convert those to numbers (17264)
    9. Go left once to the door, back out and go right twice to get back to where you started. Go right once and click on the door…the guy will tell you about his cat. Back out and go right once to the garage. Go inside and take gas can, beer, and hammer
    10. Go right twice and enter in through the second door the large building (dentist). Go right to take the battery from the chair, and right again to take a photo
    11. Use battery with the flashlight and use the hammer with the lock on the ground
    12. Go down the hatch and take the metal shears and rubber gloves Leave and go back to the garage ( back out and left twice). Go back inside and use the shears on the the chain in back right side
    13. Go through and take the chess piece. Go right once and take the bag of pills that are hanging out of the wall
    14. Go right three times (don’t worry about the wolves and if you touch the cat it runs away so…) Use the rubber tube on the truck then use the gas can on the tube to fill it up and take back the can
    15. Go right and take the mask Completely leave that area and go all the way back to the grocery store ( From the front of the garage that left 5 times then click the hanging sign)
    16. Go right once and click the white building, then go right 3 times to the hospital. Click on the key pad to the right of the door and enter the code you found (step 8)
    17. Go inside and talk to the man playing chess. Give him a chess piece then click on him again. Take the key that’s on his chair. It goes to the bookstore. You can give him the chess pieces you have now (click on the board) or wait till you have them all
    18. Back out and go right twice. Click on the pink guy (lol) and give him the beer. Back out and take the thunderflash Click twice on the shed behind him and take the cigarettes
    19. Go right and note the code above the door, AD1827
    20. Go inside and right once. Take the chess piece between the sitting guy and the pink guy on the left
    21. Go right twice and the the chess piece on the table
    22. Completely leave the hospital go back to the garage. (from the front of the hospital its left 4 times then right twice. Back out and go right 4 times) Go inside and go back to where the wolves were
    23. Use the thunderflash on the scene and use the matches on the thunderflash. Take the note on the guys leg and the key from his pocket
    24. Go back to the front of the garage and right 2 times. Click on the first door this time and use bookstore key to enter. Take chess strategies book from among the rubble
    25. Leave, back out, and go right once. Use the other key on the door and go inside. Take the chess piece
    26. Click the picture on the wall (seem familiar ;) ) Click it again to reveal a safe and use the code obtained from the hospital (step 19) to open it. Open the chest and take the gold statue and key card
    27. Go right and take the knife and use the knife on the can. Again the freezer serves hideaway spot, but it’s still not necessary.
    28. Go right and take the chess piece and key from off the sink
    29. Leave and go back to the bookstore. Use the key on the staff room door and take the cage and chess piece Use the spam on the cage
    30. Leave the bookstore and go left once to the pharmacy. Use the key card on swipy thingy and go inside. Take the purified water and first aid kit Use the bandages, water, rubber gloves, pills on the kit
    31. Leave and go left once to the garage. Go back to where you saw the cat. Use the fishing line on the cage and set the cage on the truck. Go left or right once (doesn’t matter) then go back to the cat. Click the fishing line to close the cage then take it
    32. Leave the garage and go left once to the cat’s owner and give him the cat. Take the coffee
    33. Go left 3 times and click on the wall. Give the guy the cigarettes and go inside the house.
    34. Go to the back and give the man the statue. Go through the conversation to get the chopper chain
    35. Leave that area entirely and go to the hospital ( left twice, click the white building, then right 3 times) Go right once from there and take the chess piece from the tree. At this point you should have 8 chess pieces
    36. Go inside the hospital and talk the man playing chess. Give him the strategy book then click on the board to fill in all of the spaces with the chess pieces. (I’m not sure why but you don’t use them all). Take the address he gives you
    37. Leave him and go right 3 time to the building. Go inside the building, all the way to right, to talk to the doctor. Give him the coffee and then the first aide kit. Take the key
    38. Leave the building and back out. Go into the shed. Use the chain, gas, and finally the key on the chopper and your done! :)