EyezMaze – Black Box

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Black Box is a Puzzle grow game from EyezMaze.

Find the right combinations of clicks to make the Black Box Grow into ???

Enter this code: hirake-goma which unlocks the game up to level 68

Have fun!

By White Wolf

current rating 4.08


30 Comments to EyezMaze – Black Box

  1. Greg says:

    For the password to work, enter it Show

  2. Olivia says:

    Whats the other password

  3. Barbie says:

    He gives the first password free.

    I’m afraid I’m stuck. I’ve got 27/200.

    • allikka says:

      Did you Show

      I’m not sure what 27 looks like, but this got me stuck for some time…

      • gummy1423 says:

        I found it. Show

        That`s all I know.

      • brenden says:

        please help me i am stuck on 68

  4. osmodiar says:

    Turn the sound on to solve the symbol puzzle

  5. Jonhk says:

    I was very excited to have new EyezMaze game to play….but very disappointed for password/donation required. 1 dollar is just peanut, but too bothersome to input credit card details……I play for leisure fun!!!!

  6. Uhuh. says:

    Lets just be glad that he is still alive. And pfft.. People, don’t donate if you don’t want to. Playing the game is easy. Making one is beyond comprehension of difficult. So please. Just acknowledge his works. :D

  7. Fandalf says:

    For the final password check the youtube vid called
    “(EYEMAZE) Black Box walkthrough”
    beware, spoilers ahead!

  8. pickles ^_^ says:

    the password for the second half is

    oh and…

    • I_DA_AWESOME_PEEP says:

      Thank you!

    • Dado Matos says:

      I think that what you have done is the same as stealing the game creator, he ask for because he probably needs to, so by giving them the password you’re stealing from de creator, I think that your comment and all others that contain the payment need password should be deleted. Thanks

      • pickles ^_^ says:

        I see your point, but i actually paid for the password and paid actually more than they wanted because I’m generous. I put it here so people can enjoy the game if they can’t afford the other half. So you can say it’s wrong and everything, but I don’t really need your opinion on why I did what I did. However, How do I know your not using the code yourself?

        Sincerely, pickles ^_^

  9. echo says:

    Its not wrong to get the password for free. the game designer is dumb. he shudn’t have made it available… i dont like paying for stuff that non payers can get easily, its like a punishment for donaters totally unfair. i wud have donated if it wasnt so irritating. who wants to be the person who’s lame enuff to pay for that password and anyone who has an issue with getting the password for free are probably ppl who wud donate regaurdless so he might as well have offered no prize

    • Zork says:

      Like my Grandmother once said:
      Liers will always lie,
      Thieves will always steal,
      Cheaters will always cheat.
      Honest people will always do the right thing no matter what everyone else is doing.

  10. LiciWici says:

    i disagree. I donated, and I would be perfectly happy to tell people, but I don’t want to spoil ON’s donations.

  11. kEFJIJ says:


    You are needed to be shamed/

  12. Spencer says:

    EVERYONE STOP!!!! I also play games online and trust me it gets really annoying if I cant get to the next part. especially if i really like the game. p.s. thanks pickles ^_^.

  13. jacob says:

    i wanna do the entire game :(

  14. Maddie says:

    i am stuck on level 75 plz help

  15. eyezmaze4eva says:

    wahhh it’s so annoying to spend 5 minutes to enter my credit card information for a one-of-a-kind game. why is it SO DIFFICULT?!

    wahhh, i’m a good person because i donated EXTRA so i have the right to give the game away for free. waahhhhhhh!!! T__T

    if you have enough time and money to have an internet connection and computer, you have enough time and money to spend a few bucks to someone who busted his butt to make these amazing games. after over a decade of giving away free games, this developer deserve to make a reasonable income off something he created.

    level 68 could be a few things…
    idea #1 Hint A: Show

    Hint B: Show

    idea #2 Show

    level 75 i think is Show

    i’m stuck on 91…!