Esklavos – Chapter 7

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Esklavos - Chapter 7Esklavos - Chapter 7Here it is! The seventh chapter of the Esklavos series created by Federico Rutenberg is online, and it’s cooking time today! Have you ever heard of the stew of Tisali or Ledera recipes?

The series is improving and this new chapter includes, as mentioned on the author’s blog, “a fragment of the main musical theme of Esklavos… It is only a fragment; the complete theme is about 2 minutes long”.

This new chapter is easier than the previous ones, and Virop is really good playing at playing guitar (or I should say Federico’s mother)!

Have fun!

Update: Esklavos – Chapter 7 walkthrough in comment #1 (thanks blckmgk!)

By Eric

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13 Comments to Esklavos – Chapter 7

  1. blckmgk says:

    Woohoo! Done…


  2. mieulium says:

    hey, for the above tip, when you catch the wrong Show

  3. jahorris says:

    Great game, although in my game…

  4. blckmgk says:

    Thanks mieulium! I thought I had tried that, but obviously didn’t. That saves on resetting the stew.

    And Jahorris I didn’t realize that the stews changed, I played through it twice and it was the same stew. Thanks though for the heads up!

  5. Jesse says:

    Fun game, I played most of them, very well done.

  6. webchameleon says:

    I can’t give the Stew of Caladria to Floda. What happened?

  7. pedro says:

    how can i pick the fishes i try but i the just be junping around the flow

  8. Yari says:

    I can’t put anything in the kettle….. where do I have to place the ingredients??? please help I can’t just drag them in there….??!

  9. allva says:

    Hw do I wake up Floda????

  10. Arie says:

    I really do need help making ledera stew.

  11. fay says:

    Just a tip for Show

  12. Kel says:

    just wanted to mention that the stew reciep changes in each game so check which stew floda wants

  13. hotdog says:

    i just need to know how to reset the cooking pot? please?